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7 Foods And Drinks That Can Actually Boost Your Memory

  • Choices of food and drink can make or break your brain
  • Parts of keeping your memory sharp involves eating and drinking what is good for brain function
  • While avoiding the processed kinds
  • Flick through our top 7 foods and drinks that you should eat more of if your memory sucks

You may think of Muscle Food as a place of nutrition for peak physical fitness, but did you know a lot of our food and drink also helps with your mental fitness?

Brain food

In fact, eating foods with super high levels of saturated fat, instead of healthy foods like above may lead to reduced brain activity – even leading to the size of the damn thing being smaller!

Super processed foods can be damaging to your brain’s ability to hold memories. So, consider these ten foods and drinks to boost brain health over time if your memory sucks right now.

1. Coffee


This one’s kind of a given – coffee gives you an immediate hit of energy, and more energy = better memory.

It’s even been claimed that drinking just one cuppa joe could temporarily improve your memory. Of course, this is not permission to cane 15 cups a day, as that could be dangerous to your health!

But that morning coffee is not as bad as people tell you… Consider sticking some of our High Protein Coffee in your next basked for your fix.

Share YOUR brain food recommendations in the comments!


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