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8 LIES That Stop You From Getting That Summer Six Pack

By Jamie Lloyd

Jamie Lloyd is an award winning Fit Pro, international best-selling author and fitness writer based in SW London…
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Chances are you’ve seen all kinds of “life hacks” to get a quick six pack for summer. 99% of the time, these are completely WRONG!

Either that quick fix will disappear quicker than it took you to work for it, or it’s just a flat out not true – and actually pretty unhealthy for you…

So in the summer rush to tone those abs, we’ve got the help of Jamie Lloyd in addressing these lies and showing you how to REALLY get yourself that six pack.

8 Fat Loss Myths

1. “Ab crunches will get you a 6 pack”

man doing crunches

Look - no matter how many ab crunches you do, you still won't look like some magazine cover fitness model!

These are exercises from the 70s, and are very outdated, very boring and are a sure fast way to injure your back and neck - rather than getting rock hard abs!

Go for exercises that hit your core indirectly and work the whole body at once like Kettlebell Windmills, Toe-to-Bar or Dragon Flags. 

2. “Eat less and move more!”

This is one of the most common myths when it comes to getting a flatter stomach… Reducing calories and moving more will leave you feeling stressed out, tired and suffering with malnutrition!

This is because by cutting calories you are cutting down on vital nutrients like proteins, high density lipoproteins (good fats), vitamins and minerals. There's too much conflicting advice out there to cut your calories, rather than cut out the crappy foods but still eat quality foods!

good protein sources

So the next time you go do a heavy weights session in the gym are you going to simply cut down on calories and get a 6 pack? I doubt it, because your body will need to refuel and be ready to perform for the next training session!

So eat smarter and don’t cut your calories. Start out by getting some lean proteins in your diet from Muscle Food! Eat good calories with macronutrients and you'll have more energy, feel stronger and a flatter tummy in no time.

REMEMBER - it's very difficult to get fatter by just eating vegetables and quality protein.

Don't just think of eating less and moving more - think of alkalising your body first, detoxifying your liver and eating clean first and foremost and maximising your health and wellbeing. Fuelling performance and fat loss will come to you, giving you leaner looking abs! 

3. “Doing Cardio will give you abs fast!” 

Look - low intensity cardio has its place in a training program as a base conditioning tool or for recovery from high intensity work. But for most of us who want to look lean and shredded, and move better with less pain, then this type of cardio is useless.

The majority of us want to become fat burning machines, so in order to burn fat we need to do 3-4 high intensity exercise a week to raise our metabolic rate. So exercises like rowing intervals - 200m on 45 secs rest x 4-6, or doing heavy Kettlebell swings and snatches are more efficient than pounding away for hours on a treadmill.

You will burn calories if you run for several times a week, but you're likely to burn muscle too. To maximise fat loss, we need to increase our basal metabolic rate, so the number of calories post exercise increases and even at rest the metabolic rate is increased.

“man doing cardio

So next time you hit the gym, think smart and train smart… Think about doing multi joint exercises that's going to be better for the joints as well as give you some high octane conditioning!

Try this as a challenge - do 8x Thrusters with a barbell (load up the weight to your capabilities) followed by 200m row. Take minimal rest and do 6 sets. Boy your heart rate will be through the roof - but also you will burn a shed load of calories too!

So even if you can't stand rowing, try doing intervals on a ski erg, Dyno bike and do a Big Bang exercise straight after it with minimal rest! Combine resistance training and cardio for optimum results.

It's about more than just training, it's about challenging your central nervous system too, to give your body a shock and working with the quality time you have in the gym - also ensuring you rewire your workouts too so you don't get bored! 

4. “Fat burning zone” 

This one frustrates me! 

This fat burning zone was "implemented" when some old school research showed the body burns calories at a higher percentage during low-intensity cardio workouts than high-octane conditioning. 

After a high-intensity cardio workout like doing tabata training where you do 8 rounds of 20 secs on, 10 secs rest, you'll continue to burn calories long after you've run for 20 mins at low intensity!

fat burning zone

High intensity training is much better for you as it helps you burn more calories, and the EPOC effect which is the physiological effect which is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.

Also known as oxygen debt, EPOC is the amount of oxygen required to restore your body to its normal, resting level of metabolic function (called homeostasis). It also means how your body can continue to burn calories well after you've left the gym. 

So In order to lose weight, you need to do some sort of high intensity training. 

It's difficult to do high-intensity cardio all the time. So take a couple of days off and never do the same workout twice. Add some variety and change it up weekly! 

5. “Protein Bars and Shakes will give me a 6 pack!” 

protein sources

I love this one… Have you ever looked at the ingredients of a protein bar? What comes up first? Sugar, Sucralose, artificial ingredients and more weight gaining ingredients!

Don't get me wrong they are better than having a Mars Bar, and do contain essential muscle building protein, but they're often higher in calories and sugar than you expect.

Many protein bars are not really all that they're cracked up to be. It's better to get high protein from a natural source like Muscle Food, and only supplement your protein requirements with a decent brand that doesn't contain any man made ingredients! 

6. “Eating fruit is healthy so I will get a flat stomach”

eating fruit

TRUTH: Fruit is a carb that contains sugar or fructose. Humans eat fruit all year round as the supermarkets and advertising tell us to do so!

But way back in the medieval times, we only ate fruit in the summer and ate of the land to give ourselves a boost during the winter to warn off any nasty viruses. Just because it fills us up and provides nutrients, any kind of food - no matter how healthy you may think it may be - can make you fatter.

Fruit has a lot of sugar and high carbs - particularly bananas. When you provide your body with carbs you're basically telling it to stop burning body fat for fuel. So if you do go for fruit, eat only berries in small doses or cut out fruit altogether if you want a 6 pack! 

7. “Will doing cardio before weights make me get a 6 pack?”

If you go on a 45 minute cycle before you hit the weights, you'll be too fatigued to train as heavy as you can. You need muscle, not miles to burn fat. So again train smart.

Do 3-4 Big Bang exercises like squats, pull-ups, push-ups and Kettlebell swings first, and do 4-5 sets then do high intensity interval training that gets your heart and lungs going and saves you quality time too! 

man doing cardio

According to American Council on Exercise, in an extensive review of the research literature on EPOC, Bersheim and Bahr (2003) concluded that “studies in which similar estimated energy cost or similar exercising VO2 have been used to equate continuous aerobic exercise and intermittent resistance exercise, have indicated that resistance exercise produces a greater EPOC response.”

For example, one study found that when aerobic cycling (40 minutes at 80 percent Max HR), circuit weight training (4 sets/8 exercises/15 reps at 50 percent 1-RM) and heavy resistance exercise (3 sets/8 exercises at 80-90 percent 1-RM to exhaustion) were compared, heavy resistance exercise produced the biggest EPOC. Do get lifting first!

8. “Skipping Breakfast will help me lose weight and get a 6 pack”


I see this all the time with my clients who do desk jobs. They skip breakfast, have a muffin or coffee at mid-morning, and have a heavy lunch, another 1-2 tea/coffees in the afternoon, a little snack if they are lucky then they come to a training session and then they attack the fridge when they get home? Sound familiar?

Well skipping breakfast is a sure fast way to get fatter! You know the saying "eat breakfast like a King" don't you?! Well it's true! Fuel up on a high protein breakfast like Muscle Foods eggs (scrambled or poached) with avocado and salmon! (Hate fish) add some cashew nuts for extra protein then. And try frying eggs in coconut oil to help you get some medium chain fatty acids into your diet which will stop you from craving the carb monkey mid-morning! 

Try it - eat a big high protein breakfast! You'll feel fuller, have more energy and will be thinking sharper! Skip the toast and cereal and eat a hearty high protein brekkie you'll soon be able to see your toes again! 

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Jamie Lloyd

About Jamie

Jamie Lloyd is an award winning Fit Pro, international best-selling author and fitness writer based in SW London.

He can be contacted on [email protected] for personal training, group fitness training and nutrition coaching

Alternatively, you can connect with Jamie via his Social Media Channels – FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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