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8 Major Mistakes You're Making In (and Out of) the Gym

Can you believe in the New Year already? Seemed like yesterday we we're getting ready for a beach holiday!

And now the summer body panic is setting in? Yes, we know alllll about it!

There are reasons for it – booze, pizza, sofa – but there are OTHER reasons too. Ones which can be blamed on fitness. Honest to goodness…

It mainly comes down to the fact you went hell for leather during the first three weeks in January, didn’t see the results you were after and slowly but surely your drive vanished.

But it’s not too late to jump back on the hobby horse to abs. The first step is to have a look at your current gym routine (or previous gym routine if it is somewhat lacking at the moment). Second – do the same for your diet and you will see results.

In the meantime, here are 8 of the most common mistakes people make when they hit the gym, so if any of these crop up on your radar you know changes are needed…


1. Cardio, cardio, cardio, abs

Going in and pounding the treadmill three days a week and performing an intense ab session twice a week is NOT going to give you a six-pack.

There is no muscle building here, and abs are muscle after all.

By performing big movements and lifting weights, you’re performing a type of cardio which will help grow your muscles then by doing some progressive ab work you’ll see those abs.

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