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8 Top FITNESS Tips for Surviving The (inevitable) Festive Frolics!

Jamie Lloyd

By Jamie Lloyd

Jamie Lloyd is an award winning Fit Pro, international best-selling author and fitness writer based in SW London…
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So, it’s all go from now until New Year - all those parties, dinners and nights out!

Of course, all these fun times can wreak havoc on your fitness goals so here are my top tips for surviving the party season.

8 Top FITNESS Tips for Surviving The (inevitable) Festive Frolics!

Yes - we all let our hair down over the Christmas, but, have you really given some thought into how to survive the partying and get back on track when January 1st rolls around?

If not, now is the time to get your thinking caps on, and trust me, it’s doable…

1. Earn the Cheat Meals

I strongly believe in earning those cheat meals! You don’t need to feel that you have to go to the gym for hours, but you do need to work hard when you are there. 

If you are going out for a festive meal, why not see if you can fit in an exercise session after you’ve eaten lunch. Then, you won't feel guilty about all those extra pounds you ate at lunchtime!

Earn your cheat meal!

Try to keep your training routine the same around this time.  Don’t let any events stop you from reaching your fitness goals. In fact if you know you have some big parties coming up that you really need to attend, then putting in some extra weights would be a great incentive to flush out all those toxins from the previous party!

By training after eating a meal, you really are less likely to reach for snacks in the evening. If you can’t make the gym, just go for a run or walk around the block instead. Remember, it’s better to go and do something rather than nothing!

2. Don't be tempted by the leftovers!

Remove the temptation of next day fry ups and make a healthy smoothie instead.  Try not to have bubble and squeak with Brown sauce!

Stay strong – Now the main event is over, empty the cupboards of all the cakes, sweets and bad carbs, don’t let them hang around the house!! You will only end up eating them!  Remember the mantras is “remove the temptation”!

Rack of weights

3. Fill up on greens

Fill up on greens

I know the temptation is to pile your plate to the top with carb laden crisps and snacks, however, greens should be first on your list of choices.  You can never overload your plate!  Bear in mind that old saying "Eat like a Rainbow" your plate should reflect this.

Don't panic, you won't overdose on vegetables. You will also gain a good dose of vitamins and nutrients, as late nights and big drinking sessions can make you feel run down and lethargic.  This will in turn, weaken your immune system and lead to illness.

4. Little Pickers Wear Big Knickers

Do you know that saying?

Try to avoid those pre-dinner nibbles.  Stay out of the kitchen, unless you are cooking of course! It’s all too tempting to feast on all the small tasty treats that are hanging around at parties.

Choose wisely and eat something healthy and eat a fulfilling meal before you go drinking!

5. Hydration

Double the amount of water you would normally drink this Christmas. This will help with any hangovers, digestion and recovering. You may find yourself a little worse for wear, after all the parties and festive get-togethers.

water intake during festive season

Avoid mixing your drinks; they will only make you feel worse the next day.  Be sure to rehydrate with lots of water and electrolytes. My favourite hangover recovery trick is Go Coconut Water as it's full of potassium.

6. Sleep

Sleep is so important, not just at Christmas either.  It’s an important part of staying healthy and fit. Not only because it’s good for your mind and your stress levels, but also because relaxing and resting will mean you have enough energy to achieve your health and fitness goals.

You are bound to have some late nights and this can make you feel run-down. If your stress levels are high, this produces cortisol - the stress hormones which can affect how you digest food.

You might want to relax by having a hot bath or a relaxing spa session. You might just like to cosy-up in your favourite armchair!

7. Portion control

Portion control

I know, I know, it’s the festive season, BUT it should not be an excuse to make a mountain out of your food.  Try to eat as much as you would normally and make sure you get your regular amount of meals without binge eating.

Don’t just eat breakfast, then miss all other mealtimes during the day.  Try to stick to your normal meal plan.  This should be 3 or 4 small meals a day. This will also stop you from going up for second helpings!

8. Give Your Immune System A Boost

I would always recommend boosting your health by taking on some supplements. I would recommend taking Vitamin D, as this can help with recovery!

Normally, this will be provided from natural sunlight, however, sadly seeing the sun during the party period is often few and far between.  So, why not go for 4000-6000iu a day. 

I would also suggest taking some Omega 3 (EPA) fish oils, which most people have a deficiency with. Omega 3 helps in growth and repair. Studies have shown it can be a factor in helping brain function too so drinking too much damages our brain cells so we need something to repair them - fast!

What are your top tips for surviving the festive season?  Let us know on Facebook

Jamie Lloyd

About Jamie

Jamie Lloyd is an award winning Fit Pro, international best-selling author and fitness writer based in SW London.

He can be contacted on [email protected] for personal training, group fitness training and nutrition coaching

Alternatively, you can connect with Jamie via his Social Media Channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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