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Antony Fowler

Vital Statistics Current
Height 1m80cm
Weight 76kg
Bodyfat 5%

Liverpool born and bred middleweight boxer Antony Fowler is the cousin of famous Liverpool FC footballer Robbie Fowler, but has become a successful and well known athlete in his own right.

Having started boxing in 2002 when a school friend invited him to the local gym, Antony found a passion and true talent for the sport of boxing.

Antony competed in 2013 World Championships where he gained a bronze medal. He went on to compete in 2014 Commonwealth Games where he defeated Indian boxer Vijender Singh by unanimous decision and won a gold medal.

In February 2015 Antony faced opponent Misael Rodriguez as part of the British Lionhearts team and won by split decision.

Antony is also part of Team GB and it working hard to take his very best to the 2016 Olympics in Rio and bring home a gold medal!

Antony Fowler

Training Plan

  • Mon.


    • AM run/PM gym
  • Tue.


    • AM run/PM gym, weights, sparing
  • Wed.


    • AM run/PM gym, weights, sparing
  • Thu.


    • AM circuit
  • Fri.


    • AM run/PM gym
  • Sat.


    • REST
    • Off Season
    • Cross-Fit
      HIIT training
  • Sun.


    • Yoga

Antony Fowler

What does a typical day at the gym look like?

antony fowler

A typical day in the gym for me is:

  • 7am run on the track
  • Weight training at 10:30am
  • Then my last session is 3pm working on sparring and pad work.

What does a typical days meal plan look like?

A typical day’s eating for me would be:

One food you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without chicken, I have it nearly every day!

In 2013 I found CrossFit and my training did a complete 180 – now I lift heavier weights than I ever thought I would, do handstand push ups on a regular basis, and got my first body weight pull up!

Favourite Muscle Food product?

I love the Fillet Steaks, I could never get bored of them.

Do you have cheat meals? If so tell us a typical meal.

A cheat meal for me would be an Indian. I love chicken tikka masala,  even though it’s a cheat meal I sometimes make my own with Muscle Food chicken, its only the sauce ‘ bad for you after all!

Do you use any supplements? If so which ones.

I use PAS supplements as well as Muscle Foods high protein snacks.

Muscle Food snacks

How do you prepare for a fight?

By working hard day in, day out in the gym!

When I have a fight coming up I’ll be running by 6am. The early starts are hard, but I believe I am training my brain for battle so I push my mind and body. I do strength & conditioning work at 10am working on explosive power, then finish with sparring and pad work at 3pm with my coach.

How do you stay motivated?

I don’t find it hard to stay focused. I just keep reminding myself of my long term goals.

We heard you are a fan of yoga! Why do you do and how often?

Yeah I do yoga every Sunday. It’s really good for stretching and staying supple.

Antony Fowler with Jesicca Ennis, Antony Joshua, Carl Froch

Do you fight orthodox or southpaw?

I’m an orthodox fighter.

What is your fight record to date?

My record is 181 fights with 168 wins.

What is your most memorable moment in a boxing ring?

Winning the 2014 Commonwealth games gold medal!

Antony Fowler Wins

What is your signature move?

My signature move is a layback right hand.

Who is your boxing hero?

My boxing hero is Floyd Mayweather, he’s the best around.

Your favourite boxing fight of all time?

It would have to be Corrales V Castillo.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement to date is a World Bronze Medal.

What’s your next boxing goal?

I honestly believe I'm good enough to win the Gold medal at RIO2016, it will be extremely difficult but I’ve got all the tools for the job.

antony fowler