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Adam and Clair Rauso

Meet Adam and Clair Rauso – a couple who lost over a massive 10 stone together after deciding to set a positive example for the whole family!

So what pushed them to do it? A couple of niggles snowballed into big problems, causing them to take a long hard look at themselves. It all began when Clair’s Mum was rushed into hospital because of an accumulation of weight-related problems. Paired with Clair’s back problems being due to how heavy she was, it became clear she needed to do something about it.

For Adam, he had previously been healthy, but the good work disappeared through the months of caring for Clair at this difficult time. His father also suffered badly from diabetes, causing him to be honest about his own body.

Was this the example they wanted to set for their own family – getting out of breath when walking up stairs and not doing anything about it?

Answering that question with a firm “no,” that’s when they decided to transform themselves.

And the results are amazing. Adam dropped 8 inches off his waist and Clair went down a whopping 14 dress sizes!

Working out and eating healthily together (they even invent their own amazing recipes) has helped them become the best versions of themselves. Now they can’t stop going out for adventures, they’re writing a cookbook together, and hitting the competitive stage hard.

Coming second in the Body Transformation category at Pure Elite, Clair’s confidence sky rocketed. And Adam’s work to become a personal trainer will continue to do him a world of good in the future!

Vital Statistics Adam Clair
Age 41 41
Height 5"8 5"7
Before Weight 16 1/2 st 17st
Current Weight 11st 8 10st 6lbs
Before Size 38" Trouser Size Size 22 - 24
Current Size 30” Trouser size Size 8-10

Clair and Adam - Before & After

Training Plan

We currently do a four day split but train for five days and work out for roughly 1 hour 1/2.

  • Day 1: Back, biceps and abs
  • Day 2: Chest, triceps and abs for Adam and Chest, legs and abs for Clair
  • Day 3: Legs
  • Day 4: Shoulders, arms and abs
  • Day 5: we start over again, so every four weeks we will cover the same body part twice.
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Cardio at home

Meal Plan

Interview with Adam and Clair Rauso

Hi Adam and Clair! First of all, congratulations on such a huge transformation. Let’s start with the full story about how we got here… What inspired you both to change?

adam and clair before transformation

We had both been talking (as you do) about going to the gym for a while. Adam had previously lost about 4 stone cycling to work each day, but had slowly put it back on. There were a number of triggers really.

Clair’s mum had been in hospital because of various weight-related problems, to which she was told to lose the excess. Clair also had back surgery twice for slipped discs, causing a loss of feeling in part of her right leg and foot.

As she continued to suffer with back problems, her GP said it was due to her weight and it would help if she lost some.

Adam’s dad was diabetic and had suffered several strokes, as well as losing 80% of his sight (all due to diabetes).

With all of this happening around us, we wanted to be fitter and healthier for our kids. We could both feel our bodies changing for the worst and wanted to set a better example. No more getting out of breath from walking up the stairs, feeling lethargic and not really being bothered to do anything.

We wanted to go on adventurous days out but our weight wouldn’t allow it and this started to bother us both. That’s when we chose to change.

In totally turning your lives around, were there any times you slipped? And if so, how did you overcome it?

We didn’t really have this happen, as we always told ourselves that “if we want it we can have it!” We would also have planned cheat meals that would allow us to indulge a little. The last thing we wanted to do is stop eating our favourite foods, so we just reduced the amounts and the frequency of them.

How did you stay motivated to achieve this transformation?

Clair before and after transformation

That was easy! We were getting stronger in the gym and our bodies were changing dramatically. Being able to buy nice clothes and look good helped loads. We found a true passion in keeping fit and inventing new recipes, so our food always changes.

We are totally addicted to the gym, lifting weight and eating healthy!

Who were the most inspirational people you follow?

We were never really inspired by anyone other than our kids, parents and each other. We are both a massive source of inspiration to each other. Of course we, like anyone else, would look at well-known power lifters, fitness gyrus etc and think “I’d like to look like him/her,” or “I’d like to lift as heavy as they lift.”

Later in our transformation we started to read a lot and follow people like Eddie Hall, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Tib and Emily Skye. Adam has developed a massive interest in nutrition and has studied to gain a level 2 qualification - he listens to podcasts and reads books by Ben Coomber, John Kiefer and Phil Learney.

Have either of you received any great words of wisdom during your transformation?

I can’t remember who said this to us… Maybe another gym member at the very start of our journey I think: “Remember you can’t adjust the wind, but you can direct the sails.” That is exactly what we have done.

As two big Muscle Food fanatics, do you have any favourites from what we offer?

Most definitely, but it’s hard to pick one in particular! Clair loves your Chicken Hot Dogs and Giant Meatballs. She also think the Chicken Balti Pies are delicious, as well as Protein Crisps (salt and vinegar), Peanut Supreme Bars and has just tried your Lemon Crunch Bars and loves them.

I (Adam) love your Hache Steaks, Kangaroo Burgers, Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers and your Whey Protein. We could go on and on!

adam and clairs muscle food favourite foods

What quick bits do you have to curb cravings?

We had a massive selection of Muscle Food treats at hand. If it’s a savoury craving, Adam likes Protein crisps, Rice cakes and at the moment celery. If it’s sweet, then it has to be Chocolate Decadence Bars, Coconut Crunch Bars and Protein Mug Cakes (using Muscle Food’s Whey Protein).

Clair loves to eat Protein Crisps (salt and vinegar) and Rice Cakes for a savoury snack. If it’s a sweet treat she’s looking for, it has to be Peanut Supreme BarsLemon Crunch Bars and nuts and raisins.

Do you have any favourite cheeky cheat meals?

We both love a good homemade Burger with Fries, or Pizza (Adam’s parents are Italian and they make wicked pizzas)!

Has healthy eating affected going on dinner dates to your favourite restaurants?

No, never. We love to eat out and go on date nights once a month. We actually do this more now than we used to.

Have you got any secret nutritional food recipes you’d like to share?

Here are two of our favourites.

Sunflower seed, Cinnamon and ginger Muffins (Makes 6 Muffins)

Adam before and after
  • 50g whey protein (we prefer to use Muscle foods Cherry Bakewell or Cookies and Cream)
  • 50g coconut flour
  • 30g Natural Wheat Bran
  • 1 Tablespoon Psyllium Husk
  • 30g Liquid egg whites
  • 50g Sunflower seeds
  • 2g ground ginger
  • 1/2 pint of Water or milk

Put all of the ingredients into one bowl and mix together. Leave to stand in the fridge for half an hour. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

Divide the mixture in a muffin tray and cook for 15 minutes, until golden on the top.

Slow cooked Beef Brisket

For Sauce

Clair before and after
  • 500ml Water
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 beef stock cube
  • 2 large chopped onions
  • 6 cloves of sliced garlic

Mix all of the above ingredients together and put into a large slow cooker and heat.


  • 1kg of Muscle Food Rolled Beef

Optional: 1 teaspoon of cornflour

Use this to thicken the sauce once you have removed the meat.

Do you work out together?

Yes, always. We are stronger as a team and love spending this time together at the gym!

What routines have you used in this transformation?

We have always devised our own routines. It has to suit the days we can train and the equipment available to us.

Adam after his transformation

Have you got any favourite exercises?

Clair loves to squat and one arm shoulder press or Arnold press. I love deadlifting and a good leg press.

How about any you dread? And if so, how do you push yourself to work through them?

Clair hates deadlifting, but makes herself do it as it’s a good complete body exercise. I hate cardio and usually just avoid it.

Clair, tell me about your amazing experience coming 2nd in the Body Transformation category at Pure Elite. How did it feel to be on stage?

The whole experience was amazing. I was really lucky, as there were about 7 other GoGym members that were competing and my coach was brilliant. I leant so much about myself and my capabilities. I loved posing classes and my diet was awesome all of the way through.

I learnt to cook food very differently, and this has really helped me to progress with different ideas for recipes.

I made loads of new friends. The organisers of Pure Elite and the other competitors made me feel really comfortable. There was no backstage competition at all, and everyone was so supportive of each other.

I wasn’t at all nervous to walk out on stage (let’s be honest walking on stage in a tiny, weeny bikini isn’t something I ever thought I do, let alone do it in front of 200 people). To be honest, I was just really excited to get out there.

I was thinking, “Look at what I’ve achieved, stretch marks and all, if I can then anyone can!” I was incredibly proud of myself and very lucky to have Adam, the boys, my dad, brother and some very good friends and gym members there to support me.

Clair and adams muscle food favourites

Walking out on stage for my transformation category was surreal. I remember thinking to myself, “why are all those people standing up for me and clapping? Do they realise it’s just me?”

There was a picture behind me of me at my heaviest and I stood in front of it in my heels, red bikini and tan and I felt amazing! Adam told me that he had people coming over to him and telling him what an amazing transformation I had made.

“I looked around at all of the people standing for you and cheering and it took my breath away, I had to sit down,” my brother said.

I didn’t realise what an impact I made until afterwards when I watched the video.

I was so tired towards the end of the evening that I didn’t really think about placing. I didn’t place in the other 2 categories I had entered (to be honest, I didn’t expect to). So when I went on stage and they called my number for 2nd place, I was in a daze.

The whole experience was life-changing and the result of lots of positive but hard work. I wouldn’t do anything differently.

What advice would you give to couples out there who are looking to transform themselves?

It has to be something that you want, be honest with each other and push each other to do more and be more. You can do it and it feels amazing when you do.

Stop buying naff food. We still bought crisps, but just enough for the boys to have with lunch a couple of times a week. We found alternatives to biscuits or still brought them but would just have one occasionally instead of the whole packet.

Don’t be too restrictive, allow yourself to eat foods you like but be aware that you can do it as often or with the same quantity.

We have spent the last 16 years being parents and loving it, but by losing all of our weight, learning how to eat and feed our family nutritiously we have gained a new outlook on our relationship and remembered why we hooked up in the first place. We do this for us and that’s what you have to do.

P.S the gym if great fun and a brilliant way to get fit and healthy BUT the kitchen and what you put in your body is more important.

adam and clair after transformation

Between you, there are plans to become a personal trainer and write a cook, which are amazing achievements! What else is down the road for you both?

Adam would really like to do personal training and become more nutritionally aware. We would both love to start our own cook book. We have actually started to record our recipes and have quite a large stockpile!

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

Every transformation story featured on Muscle Food outlines that a good diet and a good workout plan are essential to achieving the results you desire. All transformation stories, exercise routines and diet plans are provided by the customer and have not been checked by a nutritionist or doctor. Results may vary for different individuals.