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Amy & Tonie

Amy's Vital Statistics
Height: 1m72cm
Before Weight: 65kg
After Weight: 60kg
Bodyfat %: 16-17%
Tonie's Vital Statistics TBC

Fitness duo Amy and Tonie first met at a bar in Leeds. Amy says Tonie followed her around like a lost puppy. Tonie says they spent most of the night outside the bar talking in the cold. But whatever happened that night, they both left wishing to see each other again.

The more they got to know each other it became apparent they both had a love for sport, fitness and, specifically, the gym, so they began working out together and things went to the next level…

Tonie, you see, had already competed at a UKBFF show earlier in the year and Amy, having seen the dedication and motivation it took, decided she too wanted a taste of the competitive life and set her sights on the UKBFF British Finals.

It’s fair to say, they’re both pretty excited about stepping onto that stage and seeing where their pristine physiques place in the country.

All through their prep, Tonie and Amy have documented their progress via their social media channels and have taken the social media world by storm through their loving and inspirational posts.

Here’s their story…

This interview was conducted prior to the UKBFF Finals in October 2015. Amy placed 6th and Tonie came in the top 15. Well done guys!

Amy and Tonie main img
Amy and Tonie - The Interview

Hi Amy and Tonie! Thank you for taking the time to chat to us, first things first - how did you two meet?!

Amy: Hey! We actually met in a bar in Leeds, where Tonie followed me around like a lost puppy haha.

Tonie: I don’t like going out and drinking. But we were talking all night outside in the cold, which didn’t seem to bother us at the time.

OK, now that’s cleared up, could you give us a rundown of your sporting history and how you got into competing?

Amy: I have always been into sports, I danced every day in school and was part of the netball and athletics team. I was into the gym before I met Tonie but became more motivated when I saw his dedication!

Amy competing at UKBFF

I decided to compete when I was watching a UKBFF show earlier this year (the one that Tonie competed in)… I was training hard with no end goal so I wanted to challenge myself.

Tonie: I got into competing as I felt I was training just for the sake of it, yes my physique was improving but I wanted a challenge. I needed a new goal to work towards something where I could step my game up.

I guess looking back I was always going to end up competing as I was always pushing for more. Getting PBs in the gym weren’t really cutting it anymore.

We hear you two are currently in the process of training hard for the UKBFF British Finals, are you nervous/excited?

Amy: I am so excited, I literally cannot wait to step on stage!

Tonie: So excited, I don’t think I’ve been so excited for anything as much as this. We simply love stepping on stage, it’s just us. Some people get nervous, but personally I love being up there so I don’t feel that nervous when I’m on stage.

I was always known for being ab bit of a show off when I was younger, so I suppose it suits me being up there.

Amy and Tonie together

What do you hope to achieve at the finals?

Amy: Of course, everyone goes to the finals to win so I would love to win but more importantly I want to gain exposure and experience.

Tonie: I always go into to a competition wanting to win, anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying or admitting defeat. It will be an honour to be able to step on stage in the UKBFF British finals.

I’m just really interested to see where I stand compared to the other physiques from across the country.

What is your favourite thing about competing?

Amy: Definitely being on the stage, I absolutely love it up there!

Tonie: Getting in peak condition and stepping on stage and showing off all my hard work

How has training the way you do and competing affected your lifestyles?

Amy: We have cut back on so many things, we find the most boring simple things fun nowadays. It’s hard to prep for a show and maintain a social life but we have tried to do things on weekends to keep us busy!

Tonie: Not a great deal apart from the added cardio. Me and Amy train together every day and eat well. It’s a lifestyle we like or we wouldn’t be doing it.

What’s it like working out with your “better half”?

Tonie abs

Amy: A challenge! Tonie pushes you so much through your sessions, he takes me to my maximum levels every time.

Tonie: I love it. There’s very few people I want to impress in life and get there approval so when Amy says I’m smashing a session it only fuels my more. She also knows the right things to say to me whilst I’m training that really help motivate me.

There really is no better feeling then having a partner that loves doing the same thing you do.

What do you think to be the toughest aspect of your sport?

Amy: The toughest aspect for me is the diet of course, but it is all worth it in the end. And of course there are some treats on your website that we can have during re-feeds!

Tonie: I think it has to be the lack of socialising. I really like going for days out to places like Whitby etc. but when you’re dieting you feel you don’t have the energy to walk around there all day. So I’m looking forward to having the energy to do that again after the finals.

Amy and Tonie's backs

Your favourite body part?

Amy: Tough question - probably my back.

Tonie: My favourite body part has to be shoulders closely followed by Triceps. You can’t beat a good shoulder, Triceps pump.

And the one you think needs a little more work…

Amy: Hamstrings - training them 3/4 times per week to try and improve!

Tonie: Probably my calf’s. I was born with the worst calves ever as I have very long limbs. So I really hit them with volume to force them to grow.

Recently one of our guest writers - competitive bodybuilder Phil Graham - said that social media can provide positive inspiration for aspiring transformers but it can also be a source of anxiety for many others. As you are both incredibly active on social media, what advice would you personally give to those looking to undertake a transformation and who will look up to you as role models?

Amy: The advice that I would give is that every single person is different, and everyone's body will act differently to amounts of calories - get a diet programme that works for you and don't get caught up thinking 'this person is only eating this...' etc.

Tonie: Consider how much time, effort and years has gone into that person sculpting their physique. It wasn’t acquired over 4 to 6 weeks. It took years of hard work, making mistakes and learning from them. Remember you cannot achieve your desired physique without making a lot of mistakes on the way, but that’s how you learn.

You can’t always learn from someone else’s mistakes, as what didn’t work for them might work for you. So start by setting realistic goals, do some research online about training and nutrition rather than listen to everyone’s opinion about it in the gym. Try out different workout structures etc. and see what works for you.

If someone has a physique you like and you aspire to look like that one day, remember the same information he or she has learnt is also available to you. You just need to go looking for it. Don’t give up.

Getting to nutrition now, what’s your opinion on the whole “you can’t out train a bad diet” ethos?

Amy Wright

Amy: I do agree with this statement! It does depend on your goals though, if you want to be lean then diet is key. However, I do think it’s possible to maintain a 'normal' physique on a relatively bad diet if you train hard.

Tonie: The answer is no. Working out triggers certain hormones that will make you want to eat, but if you eat the wrong foods you are just undoing all your hard work you just put in the gym.

If you’re happy with your body the way it is then fair enough. But if you wondering why you not progressing and growing then start by looking at what you’re eating.

So many people are in such denial when it comes to their diet and how they eat, so being honest with yourself is always a good start.

Top three whole foods you simply HAVE to have in your shopping trolley…


Tonie and Amy's favourite foods


Do you ever cheat? If so, what’s your ideal cheat meal?

Amy: I don't really cheat, I re-feed so I increase my carbs. My ideal cheat is a Pic n Mix!

Tonie: Yeah, we don’t really have cheat meals we prefer to have refeeds. We find when we have refeeds and eat cleaner we have way more energy and don’t crash from sudden insulin spike. My favour meal is Basmati rice, Salmon, walnuts with salad cream!

You’ve both obviously been super dedicated and strict with your diet – how on earth have you managed to keep your cravings in check?

Amy: Diet Coke and sugar free jelly.


Tonie: When you’re on a strict diet you go looking for foods you’re allowed. So we look on the back of everything to check the nutritional contents. We have learnt there are so many foods out there you can eat that taste so good.

Feta cheese for example has next to no Carbohydrates, fats and is high in protein. When you expand your knowledge of foods and what you can and can’t eat at certain times you realise you can have a healthy diet without too many restrictions.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Amy: All of my fellow competitors and my posing coach Nina Ross.

Tonie: That’s a tough one. Mainly my Mum who has battled a Fatal Illness her whole life. When I see what she has been through it really motivates me. How she just gets on with things with a positive attitude. If she can keep her head up and get on with it so can I.

My fitness inspirations are, Travi Castro, Simeon Panda, Ulisses and Devin Physique. All have a ridiculous work ethic and are constantly inspiring others with a very humble attitude.

Amy and Tonie portrait

How do you maintain your focus and motivation?

Amy: Tonie is great for helping me maintain focus, he is very supportive. Sometimes I look at bikini athletes for inspiration.

Tonie: I`ve always wanted to be the best at anything I do. One quick reminder of that does the trick.

Top 5 songs you HAVE to have on your gym playlist?


  • Zillionaire- Nao
  • Chris Brown- Nothin' Like me
  • Everything you ever had- Breach
  • Beyonce- Work it Out
  • Kid Ink- Hotel

Tonie: I don’t really have a gym playlist. The gym I use has some awesome tracks on so I don’t really need my headphones. Normally my sessions are that intense my headphones get in the way. But if I do decide to listen to music when doing cardio etc it’s normally J Cole.

After your competition, what’s next for you?

Amy: It depends on how well I do I guess, but definitely a relaxing Christmas!

Tonie: Helping inspire others. I`ve not posted as mush tips on diet and training on my social media as I would have liked. Due to me just hibernating for the finals. But I’m very much looking forward to sharing a few secrets that helped get me and Amy in peak condition for the finals on social media.

Inspiring others and guiding them in the right direction. I never got told the right answers at the start of my fitness journey and exactly what to do and I don’t think you should. I think giving someone the right guidance so they can learn about themselves is far more valuable.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Amy: Thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with you! And good luck to all at the British Finals!

Tonie: Don’t strive to be like someone else, use them to motivate you and guide you into the best version of yourself. Be unique!

Tonie and Amy