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Angela and Brandley

Angela's Vital Statistics
Age 48yrs
Height 1m57cm
Starting Weight 66kg
Current Weight 63kg
Starting Body Fat 33.3%
Current Body Fat 22.3%
Bradley's Vital StatisticsBefore
Age 20yrs
Height 1m70cm
Starting Body Fat 25.9%
Current Body Fat 12.6%

Mum and son fitness duo Angela and Bradley may have an age difference of 28 years but together they have succeeded in transforming their lives, their bodies and their mind-sets from biscuit fans to clean eaters with a passion for the weights room.

48 year old Angela first began hitting the gym roughly six years ago but was going more for the social side of things rather than for fitness.  In fact, she regularly refers to this period as “play” for she would go to a couple of classes a week but wouldn't give it 100%.

Her diet then consisted of processed foods and she admits she would have rather sat in front of the television than work up a sweat.

Angela - Before & After

Then, one day Angela realised she wanted to set a good example for her two kids.  She didn't want to be an embarrassing mum by being overweight, nor did she want to put her life at risk by living an unhealthy lifestyle.  So she set about making a change.

At the same time, Bradley (then 19), was fed up with his body and lack of confidence.  Having always been a chubby child, Bradley wanted to better his life as a whole, gain confidence in himself and prove his nay-sayers wrong.

Brandley - Before & After

Together they enrolled at Model Health, began training with a PT and absolutely overhauled their diets by buying Muscle Food's lean meats, nut butters, veg and more, and have never looked back since.

By switching up their diets, lifting weights and motivating each other to succeed, Angela and Bradley have slashed their body fat, built lean muscle and have bolstered their confidence so much so that in early 2015 they took part in a fitness photo shoot!

Whilst it may seem like an unlikely fitness pairing, this mum and son team have helped each other every step of the way through encouragement and support proving that age doesn't matter and you can always achieve your goals if you want them badly enough…

We both train 4 times a week at Model Health with a personal trainer in groups of 8 people, mainly free weights and energy system working.

Meal Plan

We tend to eat a lot of eggs, red meat, chicken, turkey, green veg and sweet potatoes.

Interview with Angela and Bradley

OK you two… Let's kick off with an easy one, could you give us an overview of your sporting histories?

Angela - side view before

Angela: Before I decided to start training with a personal trainer I used to play around in my local gym doing classes for about 5 years but I was going more for the social side than training.  This meant I saw no changes!  Before doing that I did nothing.  I am a mum who works and keeps house, your typical mum really who would get home from work and just sit down to watch the television.

Bradley: Before starting training at Model Health I used to play football a couple of times a week and also trained in the local gym a little bit. After trying normal gyms I wasn't seeing a difference in weight and health this is when I found Model Health and began to take it more seriously.

What was your lifestyle like before your decided to transform?

Angela:   Before I decided to transform I ate a lot of processed foods and played at the gym.  I never really gave it 100% and I always got bored by not seeing results over night.

Bradley: Before I started my transformation I enjoyed playing sports with friends etc., but with dieting I used to eat a lot of processed food, biscuits and crisps. Because I wasn't seeing major results by just training at my local gym, I would eat even more processed food and not put 100% effort in.

Why did you decide to get fit?

Angela: I decided to get fit as I didn't want to be a mum whose kids felt embarrassed to be seen out with me but also for health reasons as I didn't want to become over weight.  I never really understood body fat and its dangers but once I did I realised I needed to do something about it and try harder.

Bradley:  I was always an overweight child and felt uncomfortable on holiday without a t shirt on at the beach.  Essentially, I wanted to gain that confidence I have always looked for, but I also wanted to prove all the people who said I couldn't get fit and healthy wrong.

Bradley - side view before

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your transformation?

Angela: I found the biggest challenge when starting, and still occasionally now, are the saboteurs.  Some people just don't understand why I'm doing this and try to encourage a cheat here and there.

Bradley: The biggest challenge in my transformation was always people tempting me with food and teasing me with it. I think in anybody's transformation people need to respect that they want to make extreme changes.  This is the only way you can get results!

How did Muscle Food help you two transform over the past few months?

Angela: Since seeing Muscle Food sometime back on Facebook and placing our first order, I've never looked back.  It allows me to get quality products delivered to my door which helps with my life balancing act it also means my family and I eat non processed foods.

Bradley:  All of the products are fantastic, so we decided to order all our meat through Muscle Food to help us through our transformation!

Top 3 favourite whole foods?

Angela and Bradley's favourite foods



Favourite cheat meal?

Angela:  Oh, I am a bit partial to a pepperoni pizza although I tend not to have many cheat meals now as I usually feel so sluggish after I tend not to bother.

Bradley:  Fish and chips with tartare sauce…

Cardio Vs Weights - which had the most impact?

Angela: Weights for me, mainly free weights.  I never enjoyed cardio; it's something I always struggled with so knowing if I pushed free weights I'd get results made me push even more.

Bradley: Yeah, I agree with Mum, weights have always had more of an impact on my body.  In Model Health training we do a mixture of the two intense cardio workouts incorporated into a weights workout – it's very intense – but I have always felt more change with doing free weights.

In which body part have you seen the biggest difference?

Angela: I think my shoulders have shown a big difference as I saw definition, which at my age I thought would never happen.

Bradley: My abs.

And the one you think needs a little more work?

Angela: My tummy.   I feel after 2 kids and doing nothing for so long has made it a stubborn area but I will keep chipping away!

Bradley: I believe my legs need more work as I have large legs so I train them more now than ever.

Branley on butterfly machine

Angela: Sometimes I wonder how I keep my motivation but when I look in the mirror that helps. Also if I'm starting to get into a mood of I'm having a break Bradley encourages me to keep pushing.   We encourage each other to keep going!

Bradley: I would either look at my before and after pictures and say to myself I'm never going back there again, or I look at my mother as motivation for the gym and healthy eating.

Angela, many women are apprehensive about undergoing a transformation for many reasons; no time and fear of failure being some of the top "excuses."  What advice would you give those who would like to make a change, like you, but get caught up in the reasons not to?

I always found it was easy to say I had no time but then realised you have to make time even if it's just an hour a few times a week – at least it's a start.  Then when you start to see the changes you want to go more, you feel healthier and you meet new people who are in the same situation.

You also then realise that you don't want to fail and you like it when people say you look different.   That makes that small amount of your time worthwhile and your family appreciate that you are taking some time for yourself.

Bradley, what impact has your transformation had on your social life?

The impact my transformation has had on my social life is quite amazing as a lot of people who wouldn't ever speak to me were amazed how far I had gone to get fit and healthy.  Also my friends and work colleagues all helped support me and once all the hard work was complete they were shocked at how well I done so it has helped my social life a lot.

Is there anything you'd like to say to all the people who said you couldn't do it?

Angela: This is quite funny because people always said I'd never do it.  From I'd never stick to the diet or the training to not doing a photoshoot.  To all those people I'd just say I proved you wrong and will go on proving you all wrong.

It's a real achievement to get yourself into such great shape that you felt confident enough to go for a fitness photoshoot - what was that day like?  Exciting, nerve-wracking or just heaps of fun?

Angela: The day of the photoshoot I was a nervous wreck but on the morning Bradley and I both encouraged each other even before heading to the shoot.  When we got to the gym for our shoot the personal trainers were all there to help us pump up and the atmosphere carried you along.

My best friend then turned up which was a fabulous surprise to Bradley and I as this added to more support.  At the end of the shoot I just wanted to go again, I absolutely loved it!

Bradley working out

Bradley: I didn't sleep the night before as I was so nervous to get in front of a camera with no top on. As we got to the gym where the photo shoot was held I was extremely nervous, but then my trainer Kevin Walker pulled me to the side to pump me up and then get into the shoot.  He really helped my nerves and I absolutely loved every minute of it when I got into it.

Now that you've reached and smashed that goal, what's next for you?

Angela: For me personally I want to keep pushing to stay in shape but get my body fat lower so that I feel healthier than ever before.  I want to show other women of my age that age is just a number and that training isn't just for young slim people.

I'd also like to do more with nutrition as I find food and what goes into it very intriguing so I aim to do more research and, who knows, maybe a change in career…

Bradley: My next goal is to get below 10% body fat and hold my fat percentage at that level.  I want to do charity runs and events such as Tough Mudder.

What was it like going through this process with your mum / son?

Angela working out

Angela:  Going through the whole transformation with Bradley was fantastic.  We helped each other at home with what we ate and how we trained.  If he was having an off day I'd encourage him and vice versa.

Even at work we'd keep in touch if there were naughty foods being pushed around our offices we'd message each other for moral support.  Training in the gym was good as well as on our down days we converted our garage with some gym equipment so we could do our own mini circuits.

Bradley: Going through this process with my mum was good for us both as we got to spend time together on top of making huge changes in the household and to our diets. We helped each other push our limits to the edge.

Who is your role model?

Angela: I can't actually say I have a specific role model all I've known for some time is that I wanted to be fit and understand food more. My personal trainer Gemma Watson keeps me motivated as she believes in me and doesn't think age is a problem as long as you train hard and eat clean!

Bradley: My role model would always have been Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding days, but when I started at Model Health I looked at my trainer Kevin Walker as my role model to my fitness.

Bradley working back

When you're not honing your physique in the gym - how do you like to chill out?

Angela: Chill out time is a tough one as that usually consists of walking my dog and on the rare occasions of having nothing to do, I read.

Bradley: I like to chill by sitting in a onesie either in bed or on the sofa with films, series DVD's or my PS4 controller.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Angela: For me this whole transformation started as a rollercoaster but I've found that I absolutely love to train and research nutrition.  Out of something that is more like a hobby has become something more serious.

I love advising people on what they eat if they ask me.  I'd love to train and offer nutrition advice as a career but I fear that at my age I've left it too late - it  doesn't mean I can't enjoy it though!

Bradley: I'd like to say to anyone out there who has no self believe in themselves because either a friend or family member tells them “you can't do it,” that they CAN do it.  Anyone who teases you or bullies you about your weight, show them you can change if you want that and prove to everyone you have it in you to make extreme changes to make your transformation come true. 

Anybody can achieve that goal.

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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