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Are Health Drinks Really Healthy?

Wheatgrass smoothies. Coconut water. Charcoal. Even vinegar. The list of “healthy” drinks is seemingly never ending with new trends appearing daily, but are they really any good for you?

We all know plain old water is perfect for keeping you hydrated, but it can be a little boring. Fruit waters bring taste to the table and, if they’re fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, then all the better – right?

Truthfully, it’s a bit of a grey area. More black than grey. More it’s a load of hogwash than grey.

Yes Muscle Food fans, some of those trendy health drinks touted by your favourite fitspos are only as good as the very clever marketing strategies behind them.

Water enhanced with vitamins? Please. If you are relying on water for your vitamins and minerals then you’d be better critically looking at your diet and making healthy adjustments accordingly.

Don’t get us wrong – we love the refreshing taste of chilled coconut water and if something promises to be a wonder hangover cure, then obviously we’re going to try it, but before you place unbridled faith in something, we think you ought to know all the facts…

So, we’ve done a bit of digging into 5 of the trendiest health drinks blowing up social media today to find out if they’re really any good at all.

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