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Are Those Celebrity Fitness DVDs Really Worth It?

  • Britain’s reality TV stars certainly were busy promoting their fitness DVDs this Christmas!

  • Whether you received one or not, are they actually useful to help you lose weight?

  • Have read of the arguments for and against, and let us know your own judgement in the poll.

fitness dvd

What did you get for Christmas? Oh, a fitness celebrity DVD? Me too! Seems like all of us got one – whether it was a genuine present or a quick cop out.

Whether it’s Geordie Shore co-star Holly Hagan, Jennifer Ellison or Crosby, it seems that every celeb has come out the woodwork with their own fitness DVD.

Of course, this story comes out when the respective celeb is at their absolute best, and shows you this so-called “transparent story.”

But what many people don’t see is how much of an easy pay day this work is for the celebs! Let’s start with the preparation – signs that things aren’t going well for the stars.

Normally, it will be a badly fitting bikini, sat on the beach with no make-up on (oh the humanity!) and tucking into some kind of junk food. It’s an intricate rouse for coverage, and places like Daily Mail fall for it!

fitness class

After this, the workouts begin – getting the celebs to workout in areas where paparazzi are conveniently hanging out for those story-line pictures.

These are usually unflattering, as the celeb is decked out in workout gear that shows the belly flab and a facial expression that shows pain.

And finally, the celeb will be out with a new body and a new DVD, usually stood next to their former-self in cardboard cut-out form.

There is one argument here that says this is good for the public. With celebs achieving results this good, the inspiration is clear for others to follow in their footsteps. Yes, those stars may be doing it solely for a sweet profit, but let’s not stop them for motivating a generation to get up and go.

But there’s another side of this story that sees a very different truth. What’s the long-term end goal here? The fact that they call it a transformation and don’t both continuing their support just goes to show it really was a quick buck.

They say they inspire a Zig Zag dieting kind of lifestyle that isn’t good for anyone.

Now, is this is a great way of encouraging us normal folk to get fit, or a mass media scam that doesn’t inspire healthy living? I’ll leave that up to you in our poll below!

Have YOUR say in the comments!


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