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Are you eating 700% MORE fat than you think? The dirty secrets of our competitors

  • One of our competitors claim impressively low levels of fat without running accurate tests.

  • So, we’ve done the testing for them, and the UKAS lab tested results show a very different story to what they claim…

  • Turns out you could be eating up to 700% MORE fat than they say you’re getting, even though they claim their numbers are legitimate!

  • We promise absolute transparency on our fat content, and we will never lie to you like our competitors.

Beef Hache Steaks

Working hard on your diet, but not really getting anywhere? Well, that could be because you’re actually eating up to 700% MORE fat than you think by shopping with our competitors!

That’s right – seven times more fat than you expected… The first question on our lips is “how?” Well, alarm bells were ringing when this company made the bizarre claim that they “x-ray test” their meat for “leanness.”

With that kind of strange trickery happening behind the scenes, we had to find out more – not just for you, our customers, but for everybody. After all, we’re on a mission to empower every person to eat healthy.

So, with that in mind, we ran this company’s meat through the same UKAS-certified lab test that we do with all of our meat and the level of fat is, quite frankly, jaw dropping!

Let’s take their Hache Steak for example. They claim every 100g of hache steak contains 2.7g fat – independently tested and x-rayed…

However, in reality, you can expect 18.9g of fat per 100g – which if you do the math leads to a ridiculous 32g of fat per Hache Steak!

Nutrition Our Competitor (per 100g) MuscleFood (per 100g)
Energy (Kcal) 252 118
Protein 16.4 21.5
Fat 18.9 2.3

They have the audacity to actually lie to you, because it’s good business for them. Fatty meat is cheaper than lean meat, so perceptively you’re getting more for your money. But really that “more” is an insane amount of extra fat.

Simply put, you will not be living lean by going to our competitor. We’ve reached out to this competitor for proof of their claims, only to be ignored every time. So, for the sake of your diet, heed our advice!

Shop somewhere that actually tests their nutritional information for absolute accuracy - something that we have proudly done ever since launching Muscle Food.

And don’t think some of the supermarkets are any better, who shun the additional cost of accurately testing their meat for “calculating.” That means they make broad assumptions on the nutrition of their products based on certain properties (e.g. If the mince has been calculated at 20% fat then it should have XXg protein – not accurate at all).

This is also incredibly deceptive to the customer and something we are actively against.

Independent fat testing machine

At Muscle Food, we keep things accurate and transparent for you with a simple promise:

  • Our products are tested in a UKAS-certified Laboratory to ensure nutritional accuracy.

  • Want proof our numbers are accurate? We put full test results on the product page for you to check yourself…

  • The vast majority of our meat is produced in BRC Grade AA facilities – which is the highest standard you can achieve.

  • And we are not a tiny operation – resorting to cutting deals for super fatty meats. We own our farms, who provide us with the best lean meats possible. In fact, we supply supermarkets ourselves!

So, what do we hope you get from our investigation? Well, first of all, this is not a mudslinging competition… We like to think we’re above that.

At Muscle Food, our main focus is providing you with the best possible nutrition to achieve your life goals – whether they are as ambitious as competing in a marathon, achieving the dream bod, or as small as plucking up the confidence to talk to your crush and leave a lasting impression.

Healthy nutrition is crucial to all aspects of life, and we want to empower the nation with absolute transparency. Don’t fall for false information – stay above the lies.

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