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Are You Sure That Sports Drink Is ACTUALLY Good For You?

Energy-boosting exercise drinks are all the rage right now – whether you drink them to actually improve sports performance or just because you enjoy them. But it turns out these healthy drinks are NOT as healthy as you think, increasing the risk of obesity, type-two diabetes, heart disease and rotting teeth.

Sports Drinks not allowed

To the average teenager, a bottle of Lucozade Sports sounds healthy, which contributes to 68% drinking them regularly (1-7 times per week) according to a survey by Cardiff University. But with every 500ml bottle containing 18g of sugar – that’s 4 ½ tea spoons – they are running a risk with their health.

Out of the panel of 160 12-14 year old school children surveyed, just 18% consumed the drinks for their perceived performance-enhancing effects – 90% bought for taste and a worryingly high 50% for social reasons.

“If consumed socially and in large quantities, sports drinks can lead to serious problems, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and gout, as well as poor oral health. Non-athletes are consuming these drinks simply because of their nice taste,” university researchers wrote in the British Dental Journal.

man drinking sports drink

All doom and gloom right? WRONG! You can still have your favourite treats – plus we have plenty of sugar free options at Muscle Food…

For example, let’s take the Lucozade Sport from above. Well you could switch that with our Isopure Protein Drink that has JUST 0.1g of sugar in. It’s a healthy sports drink that’s ACTUALLY healthy!

And the list goes on:


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