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Nathan Macqueen

Vital Statistics Current
Age 25
Height 6ft
Weight 80kg

Meet Nathan Macqueen, a 25-year-old Paralympic Archer and Muscle Food fan who is currently representing Team GB over in Rio!

At the age of 17, Nathan was playing professional rugby for Glasgow Warriors and had represented Scotland at an under-21 level. During this time, he had also joined the Scottish archery team.

But then, in a brutal motorbike accident, he broke 29 bones, punctured both lungs and snapped his spinal cord…


Normally, that would be the end of many people’s sporting dreams, but not Nathan’s. He picked himself back up and started playing wheelchair basketball while taking up powerlifting.

Nathan thought he would never be able to get back into archery - but after seeing his old coach, all of that changed! Since shooting for fun in 2006, he began competing internationally in 2016 – claiming a silver medal at the European Para Championship in Saint Jean De Monts, France.

This will be his first Paralympics, and we had to talk to him about his incredible journey.

Training Plan:

"My weekly meal plan doesn't vary much just a high protein balanced diet that helps me going through the training week. "

Interview with Nathan

Hi Nathan – thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and MASSIVE congratulations for being picked for Team GB at the Paralympics! How does it feel to represent your country in such a prestigious competition?

Truthfully I still can't believe it it's such an honour to be in the small group of people in the world who are able to say there Paralympian.

Nathan with Bow

Can you tell me a bit about your sporting history?

I started playing rugby at a young age working my way up the ranks till I found myself playing for Glasgow warriors under 18 squad then I had my accident, shortly after getting released from hospital I started playing wheelchair basketball where I earned four caps for Scotland till I turned my interests to powerlifting where I again represented Scotland till I injured my shoulder and had to retire and it was then that my wife suggested I try archery again and I’ve never looked back since.

And then things took a turn… Can you tell me about the motorbike accident and what it did to your body?

So my accident was particularly brutal I broken 29 bones in one sitting punctured both my lungs and internal bleeding I'm incredibly lucky to be alive if I’m honest unfortunately I'm left wheelchair bound because I broke my back in three places and snapped my spinal cord but I'll take being in a wheelchair over not being here at all.

How did it feel coming out of the hospital after learning about the extent of your injuries?

It was so hard at the start trying to come to terms with things but sports really kept me sane and the support from my family.

How did you keep yourself motivated to carry on through the hard times and bounce back in such a dramatic way?

Sports played a massive part of my recovery being able to be competitive again was the drive is needed.

Nathan Pullups

What attracts you to archery?

I used to shoot at a very young age but it's wasn't anything serious more a way to spend time with my dad and after my injury that put me out of powerlifting my wife suggested I give it a try again.

What is your biggest achievement in archery besides making it to the Rio games?

My biggest achievement would probably have to be winning both selection shoots for a place in rio beating the country's best para archers to the top spot.

Let’s talk fitness! I see you’re into powerlifting… What is your favourite exercise?

Hmm my favourite exercise has to be squats jokes. I personally love formal bench it keeps me in touch with my powerlifting days and I have a pretty decent bench too.

And which one do you really loath doing the most?

An exercise that I particularly don't enjoy doing is above head shoulder press it just burns so much.

Nathan with Bow

What is the most important exercise for archery and why?

The most important exercise for archery would probably be anything triceps related as you use a lot of triceps to hold the bow rock solid at full draw.

What's your favourite music to listen to while working out/practicing?

It's got to be a wee bit of rock just gets the blood pumping a particular favourite of mine is ACDC.

Nathan Diets

Who are your most inspirational figures that keep you going? And why?

My most inspirational figure would have to be Lewis Hamilton as he started from the bottom with nothing and now he's multiple times world champ which is something I aim you be one day.

Now onto diet - I've heard you're quite the Muscle Food fanatic! What are your favourites?

My favourite has to be the biltong can't get enough of it particularly handy when you've just had a monster session in the gym or down the range.

What are the most important tips people can take a way when it comes to the diet of an archer?

Grazing is the key if you want to be successful you don't want a massive rush but you don't want to run out of steam either so Grazing is majorly important.

Liam Diets

Is your eating plan the same throughout the year, or does it change with the seasons?

I tend to let myself go over the winter so in the summer I have bulk to turn into muscle and go harder than I did the year previous.

Have you ever faced adversity because of your condition? How have you overcome it?

If I’m honest no over been very lucky to date and long may it continue.

What would you say to other people like yourself who want to get up and play sport just as well as you do?

Don't be shy and don't let people set limits for you we're super humans after all

Finally, what are your big plans for the future?

My plans for the future hmm podium in the world champs next year and build over the next four years to come home from Tokyo with gold.

And how confident are you about this year's Paralympic games?

I'm quietly confident I can cause an upset in rio I'm shooting the best I ever have but it's how I shoot on the day so I'll need to wait and see.

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