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Becki Rabin

Vital Statistics Current
Age 26
Height 5'3"
Weight 57kg

Becki Rabin is more than just “healthy,” she is “Alternatively Healthy,” healing her body of intolerances and becoming one of the big experts in digestive health, wellness and healing.

Starting off with gymnastics at the age of two, sports and fitness has played a HUGE part in her life since childhood – taking part in everything from dance right through to netball and football.

But as she grew up, barriers in the form of food intolerances, hormone imbalances and IBS, were put up in front of her - meaning it was hard to find foods that didn’t make her feel ill after eating. But instead of being a crutch, it has been her motivation to push through and inspire others.

That is where Alternatively Healthy comes in – a healthy lifestyle blog founded by Becki – which allows her to provide all of her expertise to a massive audience. She’s also lent us her expertise in the form of AMAZING recipes that you just have to try.

With this amazing history and so much more to talk about, it’s fair to say we had to interview her!

Becki Rabin

Meal Plan

Again, I am currently not following a strict food plan or counting macros. My diet consists of 5/6 meals per day. I am a big believer in balance and whilst not training for anything specific I try to nourish my body with lots of different, lovely nutritious, clean foods.

I am gluten and lactose intolerant, so I try to ensure all my food is free-from both of those. I have severe digestive issues, so for me, I have to play each week by ear and listen to what my body can and can’t tolerate.

Sometimes I follow a paleo based diet and sometimes I add grains like oats and rice, it really depends on my training that week and how I am feeling.

Training Plan

I’m currently not following a strict plan at the moment, mainly down to the sheer amount of commitments I have from work, blogging, personal training I have to fit my workouts in and around this.

At the moment I usually do 2 morning cardio sessions (LISS) 1 pull session, 1 push, 2 lower body and throw in a HIIT session once or twice a week depending on time.

Becki Rabin

Hi Becki, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us! Let’s kick off with the question we ask everyone – your history. How did you get into health and fitness?

No problem at all. Well, I was shoved in to it. My family are very active and from the age of two I started gymnastics. That, for me, was where it all began.

There was something super addictive about throwing yourself around! Sports, from gymnastics and dance right through to netball and football played a major role in my childhood.

There wasn’t an evening that my mum wasn’t driving around like a mad woman dropping me off to some sort of class/team/training session. I took sports further and studied PE and sport studies at A-level, working at David Lloyd on the side from the age of 16 so health and fitness is embedded in me.

What inspired you to carry on if/when times get tough?

You have to inspire yourself and always just listen to your body. It depends what it is that has made things tough - if it is lack of motivation to train, switch up your sessions or give your body a rest if it needs it.

If it is something else that has affected you, I think it is just always important to believe everything happens for a reason. Whatever it may be – I am a big believer of this. What you are meant to achieve, you will get there.

becki in The Gym

You’ve sent us a few AMAZING recipes in the past… What got you into cooking incredible food?

For me, living with intolerances made it so hard to find foods I could eat without feeling awful afterwards. It then is made 10 times harder when you add an intense training regime into the mix.

I got to the point where I gave up with food and stuck to really boring meals just because I knew that was all I could handle without getting bloated or feeling tired or sick.

I guess that’s how it all happened, we are so lucky now, there are so many incredible alternative products on the market that I began falling in love with making my favourite meals or sweet treats but with different products!

So speaking of food, if we were to raid your kitchen right now, what would we see in your fridge and cupboards?

Haha! Well in all honesty, it is time to do a food shop so my fridge looks very sad.

Usually you will find lots of meat, Muscle Food meat of course - turkey mince, chicken, lean beef and lots of fish! I then tend to always have lots of veggies like spinach, broccoli and green beans and avocados, eggs, blueberries, bananas and also always coconut or almond milk!  

What does your eating plan look like right now – Clean? Paleo?

My diet usually is a mix of clean, loosely paleo based organic foods. I don’t it pulses or legumes but I do eat rice and oats. Balance is key for me, I don’t restrict myself from anything if I really want it.

Although I try to stay gluten- free, you can’t always achieve that and that’s ok! Sometimes the pizza is worth the belly ache!  

Becki at the Beach

Any Muscle Food favourites in your collection? And why do you like them?

Always! For me, I love the quality in the meat and also the diversity. Love the chilli chicken burgers – they are my all-time fave!

And what about cheat meals… Any that you care to admit to?

Again, for me – I don’t personally at the moment have ‘cheat days’ or ‘cheat meals’ I mostly stay away from naughty foods, but don’t restrict myself to when and how I eat them.

Thoughts on supplements – do you think they are 100% essential to a healthy lifestyle, or just a waste of money?

I think this is again down to different goals each individual has. I personally supplement with vegan protein powder (as whey doesn’t agree with me).

This again is because I want to keep my protein up to stay as lean as possible but struggle to eat as much meat in hard from as I should because of my digestive issues. I also BLOODY LOVE the taste of protein shakes. I also supplement with calcium magnesium and zinc, probiotics and omega 3 tablets.

I do think they are important, as we quite often lack vital nutrients in our everyday diets.

Out of all your scrumptious recipes, do you have a favourite you’d like to share with us?

Oh my fave, and the one that gets the most attention, has to be my peanut butter cups for sure! They are just TOO much!  

Now let’s move onto fitness! We see you’re committed training plan, but what is your favourite exercise off that?

I am not doing that plan any more, but my favourite exercise is deadlifts! Love them!

becki in the gym

And are there any you really dread doing?

I hate lunges, don’t know why – just always put them off.

Favourite body part?

My calves – haha! Odd one I know but I always get comments on my legs. INCLINE WALKS PEOPLE!

And one you feel needs more work?

My lower back and hips. I really hold weight here and ned to focus on working it more

Finally, some random questions – favourite music to work out to?

I have different playlists for different vibes, depending on how I feel that day. One is a mix of old school garage, one is chill out Ibiza house vibes and one is more commercial R&B.

Greatest achievement to date?

I think for me, becoming a personal trainer was a big achievement. To complete the course whilst working full time in three months was really rewarding, and it continues to remain rewarding every day when I train my clients.

We see from your Instagram that you have yourself quite the “ab crack,” which has become quite a trend in the news and social media. What would you say to girls feeling negative body pressure to have one?

Haha honestly – whatever next!

This is such a big topic and one I could go on for hours about but I think it is so important, especially being someone with an audience that we are continuously ensuring that girls work towards their own girls and what makes them happy.

We are all put under pressure from social media, myself included and sadly that isn’t going to go away. All we can do is ensure we keep motivating girls to be happy in their own skin. Confidence Is beautiful and girls need to learn to love themselves more. I tell my audience all the time to say one thing they love about themselves every morning. It makes them shine a little brighter.

becki in The Gym

What are your plans for the future?

Ahh - that’s a secret ;) I have lots of big plans for my brand and really want to take fitness somewhere new.

What is your guilty-pleasure TV show?

I can’t pick just one… Love Island, TOWIE and Gossip girl!

And finally, what would you say to somebody looking to live as healthily as you do?

To enjoy it, don’t put pressure on yourself, be patient and enjoy the journey!