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What was it Like to be Healthy 100 Years Ago?

  • Getting fit without easy access to the gym is NOT easy
  • Whether it’s a full time job, travelling or caring for children, it’s difficult to keep up with your fitness plan
  • Melody Coleman lists 7 Steps To Get Ripped WITHOUT Visiting The Gym

What was it Like to be Healthy 100 Years Ago?

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.  Along with training, it’s vital you get it right in order to achieve your goal body and generally be a healthy individual.

Even if you only loosely have an understanding as to what is good and bad for you – like sugary drinks and processed foods aren’t great – you’re still doing well. 

But 100 years ago, what was deemed healthy may just shock you.

Way back in the 1910’s there were two leading health experts – Dr. Lulu Hunt Peters and Eugene Christian, who published Diet and Health Key to the Calories (1918) and Encyclopaedia of Diet: A Treatise on the Food (1914) respectfully.

People lived and breathed these theories, so here are our top 6 faves and why they wouldn’t do you any good today…

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