Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available
Award-winning produce
Freshly prepared for you
Rated Great on Trustpilot
Next day delivery available

Quality Comparison

Our gourmet meats surpass any you’ll find in the supermarket in taste, size and at prices fair to you. Just take a look at these comparisons for a few reasons why, or see our quality guarantee for more information.

Our Sensational Chicken Breast Fillets VS Leading Value Retailer

With no added water or salt, we guarantee you more natural protein and nutrition for your pound

MuscleFood chicken breast is:

  • Completely free of added water, salt or chemicals
  • Plump and succulent
  • Packed with flavour
  • From strictly regulated family farms where animal welfare is paramount
  • From healthy, properly fed chickens
  • Delivered fresh, not frozen

…so you only get fresh, clean meat and the best quality food protein in your diet.

Why is a lot of frozen, value chicken pumped with water and chemicals?

  • To enhance the size of the meat
  • To increase the weight of the meat
  • To tenderise lower quality meats
  • A deceptively moist, plump appearance to the meat

What this means to you:

Once cooked, the water drains off leaving you with chicken that is:

  • Small
  • Under-weight
  • Poor quality
  • Bland tasting
  • Does not give you as much meat for your money

Join professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the country and trust MuscleFood to deliver you the best quality chicken on the market!

Our Gourmet Steaks VS Leading Supermarket

The true quality in our steaks is all about the provenance. We only use 100% British, farm assured cattle which produces the juiciest, most flavoursome beef available.

You can be sure that all our cows are:

  • British
  • Grass-fed
  • Raised on farms with exemplary animal welfare standards

In fact our beef has Assured Food Standards and Quality Standard certification, so you can be sure we use the best, most responsibly bred cattle for the finest genuine gourmet quality beef.

Meticulously sourced

So what makes MuscleFood steaks so much better?

MuscleFood fillet steak

Classically butchered on the day we send them to you, our steaks are always:

  • As fresh as it is possible to get
  • Succulent, juicy and flavoursome
  • Lean and trimmed of fat
  • Nutritious and healthy
  • The best value available in terms of taste, quality and price.

Unlike some supermarkets, with MuscleFood you will never get meats which have been:

  • Hanging around on the shelf for too long
  • Drying out and losing their succulent, juicy texture
  • Losing flavour and freshness
Supermarket fillet steak

Just as importantly, our steak joints are trimmed of fat, so they’re not only healthier, you’re also not paying extra for what you would normally throw away).

All our products have been chosen for their top quality and because we truly believe them to be the best.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our level of passion and commitment to sport and nutrition, a dedication that’s influenced our determination to only provide you with responsibly sourced, top quality lean meats.