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Billy Duncan

Vital Statistics Before Current
Weight 16 stone 13 stone

From avid Xboxer to bona fide gym fiend, Billy Duncan’s transformation proves that if you want something badly enough, then you WILL achieve it.

You see, before his transformation, Billy would come home from work, play on his Xbox, head out to his local at least twice a week to grab a few pints with the lads, and (until his 2nd child came along) he’d never miss a weekend out.

Blind to the damage his lifestyle was causing, it took a frank discussion with a Doctor performing a work related medical for Billy to finally wake up.

The Doctor certainly did not mince his words telling Billy that he was clinically obese and if his BMI was just two points higher, he wouldn’t be getting the job.

Stunned to action, Billy began his transformation slowly by walking his mum’s pet pooch, and then upped his exercise regime to incorporate football.  A friend of his also recommended billy try Muscle Food to sort his diet out which consisted of lots of deep fried food.

After a time he began hitting the gym and watched his weight fall from a high body fat 16 stone to a lean 13.

Now, the deep fat fryer is in the bin and Billy opts for lean, protein packed goods from Muscle Food to satiate his hunger.

He’s also recently decided to switch up his routine to add lean mass to his frame.  Here’s Billy’s story…

Billy - Before & After


Meal Plan

Interview with Billy Duncan

What was your lifestyle like before your transformation?

billy before transformation

Before my transformation I would come home from work and play on my Xbox most days. I used to head to my local pub on Monday and Thursday nights to play pool and darts. Which would mean a few beers with the lads.

Also up until my 2nd child was born I would never miss a weekend out with mates.

Describe your "turning point" to us - what happened to make you want to transform?

I got the kick up the butt I needed when I went for a work related medical. The Dr told me I was classed as obese and if my BMI was 2 points higher I would not be getting the job I wanted.

What did you find to be the most challenging thing during your transformation?

The hardest part was changing my lifestyle from what I had become used too, also because I was happy set in my ways.

How did you approach your training when you decided to embark on this life changing journey?

dog walking and fitness

I started with walks at night with my mum’s dog.

Then I upped my cardio by returning to football training. This was really hard because I had let myself go so much. I stopped the regular pub visits as well.

What's your favourite form of cardio?

My favourite form of cardio is swimming. It’s relaxing at the same time in a weird way.

Looking back, what do you think you should/could have done differently?

Looking back I wish I knew more about foods and their nutrients. Before my transformation my favourite kitchen item was my deep fat fryer. Once I knew what that was doing to me I put it straight into the bin.

List three things you learnt about exercise, weight training and cardio during your transformation?


I now feel in a happier mood on days that I exercise. Everything about me is more positive.

I found that my body reacts better to AM cardio. Also until not long ago I found out that weight training is also a great way to burn fat

How has your training changed since you slashed your body fat?

My cardio training has halved. I am now doing a lot more weights. I am now trying to get more muscle on me while staying lean. This means I have to take on more carbs again.

Favourite motivation movie?

Rocky 4


What did your diet used to look like?

I was bad for skipping breakfast, then when getting to worksites going to bakers for a pie. Everyday my lunch and snacks would be the same. White bread sandwiches x3 so 6 slices of bread every day. Crisps and sweets also. Then when home all my meals were processed foods done in the oven or fryer. I wish I knew then what I know now.

How did it change during your transformation?

I never skip breakfast now. I prep meals in advance. I have changed to wholegrain breads. I eat fruit and nuts for snacks. My fryer has been binned as well.

Were there any diet mistakes you made that you learned from?

Skipping breakfast has to be the biggest mistake I made over the years. Getting up and rushing out the door. This was bad because as soon as we arrived on site at work I was starving and started over eating on junk.

What role did Muscle Food have in helping you reduce your body fat?


Muscle Food was recommended by a friend. When I first visited the website I couldn’t believe how many different things there were to try.

Getting my diet sorted was definitely the hardest part about all this. I now even make my own protein bars instead of reaching for the biscuit tin.

Which was more difficult - overhauling your diet or finding the motivation to hit the gym?

Getting my diet sorted was definitely the hardest part about all this. I now even make my own protein bars instead of reaching for the biscuit tin.

Top 3 Muscle Food goodies you MUST have in every order?

  • 5kg of Chicken breast.
  • 10x Rump steaks.
  • But my new fav that I will never miss off the order is Protein popcorn.
mf foods

Supplements - yay or nay?

Yes for me. I supplement with Whey Protein. But now I am also trying out Creatine.

Top 3 transformation tips for all those aspiring transformers reading this?

  • Never skip meals, food is fuel.
  • Eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day instead of 3 big meals.
  • Make your last couple meals of the day lower in carbs.

Favourite motivational quote


What's your life like now that you've gone through a transformation?

I feel healthier, happier also more confident in myself. Not because of how I look, but because I am always in a more positive state of mind.

You've obviously worked really hard at reducing your body fat - but what's next for you?

This is just the beginning. Now I am trying to get myself fitter and build some more lean muscle along the way. I have started mixing up my weight training again. I have also joined some circuit training classes and spinning.

Billy Duncan

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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