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Black Friday Fitness - Burn Calories Bargain Hunting

By Jason England

  • Running out of time to exercise on the run up to Christmas? Black Friday may just be the answer to your problems…
  • No, I don't mean you can buy yet more cheap fitness gear, but the act of going from shop to shop is one that burns some serious calories!
  • So, while you can shop Black Friday online (we have our own Black Friday specials), don't forget to shop around to keep your fitness at peak…
Black Friday

Did you know you could but up to 200 calories an hour walking around the shops on Black Friday

That's right - so long as you've fought the crowd for that TV and popped it in your trolley, you're exercising the entire body.

While it may not be the most stress-free shopping experience, piling up the Black Friday specials and pushing that mountain around the shop is good for your arms and core.

But these aren't the only ways your fitness will be affected by Black Friday…

Black Friday

Thanks to the many people who walk around wearing FitBit wristbands, we've been able to get a greater insight than ever into the world of shopping exercise (or "shoppercise" if you will).

On average, a Black Friday high street shopper will walk 15,594 steps and burn a whopping 3,342 calories!

Alongside this, these people will spend 136 minutes in the "fat burn zone" - sure to get you prepared for the big Christmas Dinner.

So, go on - get out the house for a good Black Friday deal… But don't forget to sit back and check out our own deals, because if you're walking far and burning fat, you deserve premium nutrition to maintain those amazing results.

Black Friday

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