10 Ingredients You Need To Help You Lose Weight Today

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How often do you get home from the office and you simply can’t face cooking because you’re either too tired or you generally cannot be bothered?

We’ve all been there, and unfortunately these are the moments when convenience prevails over health leading to an onslaught of mixed emotions and eating everything and anything in your home packed with sugar, unhealthy fats and starchy carbs.

We’re talking chocolate, crisps, pizza, that sneaky pack of noodles hiding at the back of the pasta and most likely bread, bread, bread and more bread, maybe with a helping of peanut butter in an attempt to get some semblance of protein from somewhere.

Too many nights like this and your weight is going to balloon, but with careful planning you can eat healthily on those nights when you don’t fancy firing up
the stove.

You just need to be prepared, so stock up on these 10 snacking ingredients and toss that takeout menu…

greek yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

The number of tubs of Greek Yoghurt sold each year has quadrupled since 2008, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider the benefits.

Unlike sweeter, runnier cousin, Greek Yoghurt goes through an extra process removing excess water, lactose and minerals leaving behind a thick, creamy, rich yoghurt with less sugar, more protein and more low GI carbs along with a
tart taste.

This extra acidity actually helps the body absorb other nutrients!

It’s also free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives.



When it comes to snacking, you can’t beat an apple. They’re sweet – perfect if you’re craving some sugar – they’re rich in fibre and they’re packed with antioxidants.

They also help satisfy your hungry with relatively few calories and have recently been linked to positive heart health!

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are absolutely loaded with Omega-3s, calcium and iron, and they are perfect for those of you looking to lose weight as they act like a sponge soaking up sugar and stabilising your blood sugar levels.

They’re also bursting with fibre – just what you need for great gut health!



Loaded with protein, this tasty chickpea spread is a tasty snack guaranteed to balance blood sugar levels and banish hunger – and you don’t need much of it for the desired impact.

Serve with chopped veggies over breadsticks and you’ll be as satisfied as a pig in mud. You’ll also be giving your bod a healthy dose of body boosting nutrients
too – win!

Make a simple chickpea hummus by empting one drained can into a blender with some cumin, olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt. Whizz until smooth and serve. You can even freeze any extra so you always have a healthy snack to hand.



Eggs… glorious, wondrous eggs – they’re the best! And don’t just stick to the egg whites either; feel free to munch the whole thing because half the protein content of an egg is actually found in the yolk.

And we all know how good protein is for you – it helps you feel fuller for longer as it’s more satiating than carbs and fats. It helps you burn fat as you use more energy to digest and it helps maintain and grow your muscles.

Furthermore, the vitamin E found in the yolk acts as an antioxidant keeping your cells safe from the damage caused by free radicals.



Not to be paired with greasy tortillas…

Salsa on its own is a brilliantly healthy dish what with all those vitamin C rich tomatoes and folic acid packed onions. Better still, it’s super easy to make at home and tastes great served with a few oats cakes.



Peanuts may be packed with protein, but almonds are rich in Vitamin E – which helps keep your skin and hair looking great – and B2, which can help
combat stress.

Plus they’re pretty tasty and you only need a small handful to keep you satisfied.



This ancient grain can add a delicious twist to any bland salad or even be used for breakfast with some shredded coconut, almond flakes, banana and
cinnamon – yum!

In fact, you can pretty much substitute all rice for quinoa but unlike rice, quinoa won’t just turn into sugar once digested, rather it’s a complete protein source so will bombard your bod with hunger satiating protein instead!

Grain Bread

Sprouted Grain Bread

Just because you’re looking to lose a few pounds does not mean you have to stop eating bread. However, opting for sprouted grain bread will give your body a super healthy dose of nutrients you wouldn’t get from other kinds.

When the grains are sprouted, you see, the nutrient profile increases as they are more easily digested and absorbed by the body. Plus it tastes awesome toasted with peanut butter.



Nope. We haven’t lost it. Parmesan cheese can actually help you lose weight. How? Well, it’s a very strong tasting cheese so a little goes a long, long way meaning you’ll not snack on too much of it, unlike a mild, creamy cheddar.

Plus, it’s crammed with calcium – perfect for building strong bones for the gym!



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