3 Top Tips To Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Resolution

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  • By this point, we’re just over a week into our New Year’s Resolutions – the loss of motivation is hard to fight off.
  • In the fact of work dinners, parties and birthday celebrations starting to creep back into your schedule, it’s easy to fall off the waggon at this point.
  • We’ve got three simple steps to keep you on track with your resolutions

1. Avoid Temptations at all cost


Yes, I know this one is easier said than done, but with just a couple of changes to your traditional snacks, you can fight off those unhealthy temptations in no time!

Switch those Oreos for our own High Protein Cookie Sandwiches for a boost of fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Whatever you pick, just switch your standard treats for some fibrous healthy snacks.

2. Post it, share it, be social about your goals

workout selfie

The more people you share your goals with, whether they’re to get fit and healthy or to stop smoking (or whatever they may be), the more accountable you’ll feel to actually achieve them!

You’ve spent ages setting those attainable goals, so tell your loved ones about them. They can serve as a bit of a coaching support system, helping you at the times things get tricky.

3. It’s not about getting to your goal first…

running goals

Ever read the story about the Tortoise and the Hare? It’s not about rushing your weight loss goals, those objectives need to be realistic for the time they take.

Always take stock of your results, whether its regular weigh ins or pictures. Develop a game plan that runs at your own pace and celebrate every damn day of it. Don’t feel the pressure of others’ progress to keep up with them.

Nobody knows what you’re capable of better than you, so stick to it.



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