5 AMAZING Transformation Stories That Prove Anybody Can Do It

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  • We know the feeling of pressure and anxiety that comes with wanting to transform yourself, whether that is through losing weight or growing muscle!
  • Hundreds of thousands of people feel the same way you do, and we know that a little bit of inspiration goes a long way…
  • With that in mind, here are five incredible transformation stories that prove you can do it!

The new year is here, you’ve looked in the mirror and decided you don’t feel happy with your body. We’ve all been there here at Muscle Food HQ.

This starts a shame spiral, which paired with a lack of real motivation can lead to a vicious circle. We say this from personal experience. Too many people tell you to just do it, but nothing is really inspiring you to keep going.

That’s where reading your incredible transformation stories come into it. Thanks to their dedication (and a MuscleFood diet), these amazing people have transformed their entire lives!

Reading these help us keep going, and they can help you too. So, with that in mind, here are just five of them that prove if they can do it, so can you…

1. James Vincent

James Vincent Transformation

Breaking your back and losing a leg in a 90mph Motorbike collision would normally be the end of most people’s reams for peak fitness. But not for James Vincent…

After his horrific accident in 2009, James (goes by Jay) spent three weeks of his life in a coma, followed by a further six months in hospital.

But the debilitating pain and terrible injuries didn’t stop him in his gym-based pursuits, as he continues to perfect his physique and do incredibly well in bodybuilding competitions!

2. Kristy Sadler

Kristy Sadler

She’s been busy with her transformation story in the press, but none of this success probably matches up to overcoming her anxiety and depression with fitness.

At the point of suicidal thoughts and clinical obesity, she visited a psychologist who quickly taught her that looking after your physical health is intrinsically linked to transforming your mental health.

With that in mind, she sped through a diet and nutrition course, making calculated nutrition choices and visiting the gym often. The transformation, as you can see, is amazing.

Check out her full interview here.

3. Simon Ducker

Simon Ducker

Losing an incredible 12 stone and taking his body fat down to as low as an amazing 6%, Simon transformed his body in just 10 months – smashing it at the gym!

After recently competing in October, he shows just how every story behind a transformation is important.



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