5 "bad" foods that help weight loss

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How many times have you been told “you are what you eat” or you have to “eat clean to get lean”? Countless I imagine. But have you ever stopped to question whether this is actually true?

With the ever-growing popularity of “flexible dieting” and “IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) approaches to dieting, people are proving that you can lose weight eating so called “bad foods”.

But you’re probably thinking that surely there are some foods that are strictly forbidden if you want to lose weight. Some foods are simply too high in calories to consume and still be in the calorie deficit required to lose weight right? I’m talking pizzas, pastas, curries, cheesecakes and chocolate.

Well think again… Let’s not forget – as long as you’re in calorie deficit you will lose weight and it’s perfectly possible to fit in the foods you love.

Read on to see how you can easily fit in 5 of the nation’s favourite “bad” foods and still get lean. So you can have your cheesecake and eat it too!

1.       Pizza

We all know a “2 for Tuesdays” pizza night can be the downfall of many a successful dieter, but how damaging can that “bad meal” really be? Well a medium Dominos Cheeseburger Pizza has around 1,250 calories with just 15% coming from protein and 4 grams of fibre.

If you’re an 11 stone sedentary female looking to lose weight, you’d need to eat around 1400 calories and 100 grams of protein per day. So if you ate this pizza you’d only have 150 calories left for the entire day and it would ideally be pure protein to meet your protein requirements. Not impossible, but not exactly ideal.

But thankfully there is a better way… musclefood’s Cheeseburger Pizza has only 398 calories, a whopping 28 grams of protein and 7 grams of hunger-busting fibre. So if you simply swap your Dominos for musclefood’s cheeseburger pizza you could save a huge 850 calories! Meaning you could eat three musclefood pizzas for the same amount of calories as one medium Dominos. Three times the satisfaction with no guilt!

If you only ate one musclefood pizza in this example you’d still have 1000 calories left for the day to enjoy and lose weight. As you can see it’s very possible!

The best part is with musclefood’s Goal Getters plan you can have pizza every day for dinner and still lose weight!

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2.       Cheesecake

A typical small piece of cheesecake contains more than 250 calories but most you’d have at a restaurant are nearer to 600 calories. Using the same 11 stone female as an example it seems almost reckless to use up to 40% of your daily calories on a piece of cheesecake which won’t fill you up at all…

But don’t threat as you don’t have to give up your favourite dessert. You can just make one simple swap instead. If you haven’t tried Oppo’s cheesecake range yet you’re in for a treat. There are no artificial colours or flavours and with 125 calories per pot, they contain 50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar than traditional cheesecakes and are available in delicious vanilla, raspberry and lemon flavours.

Cheesecake is also on the menu with the Goal Getters plan, meaning you could be enjoying a delicious dessert every night and still be perfectly in a calorie deficit.

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3.       Curry

The average Indian takeaway Chicken Tikka Masala contains a whopping 1,250 calories per dish with over 90 grams of fat, so pretty difficult to fit into your daily calories. But curries are so tasty and you can’t beat the convenience of a takeaway right?

Thankfully musclefood have a solution for that too. Their Chicken Balti & Rice Pot in my opinion tastes just as good as a real takeaway but with 35g of protein, lower fat, lower salt and just 309 calories. The epitome of convenience, all you have to do is pop the pot into a microwave and cook for 6 minutes before getting stuck in.

So swap your takeaway curry for a musclefood pot and create that calorie deficit in the most enjoyable way possible.

Again curries are available on the Goal Getters plan for both lunch and dinner so enjoy as often as you like!

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4.       Chocolate

What’s life without chocolate? Most people when starting a diet think they need give up the food they love most. But that’s simply not the case. Most standard sized chocolate bars are only 200-300 calories which most people can easily fit into their diet with a bit of careful planning.

But you can save yourself the math and leave that to Goal Getters. With their plans you can choose from a wide range of chocolatey snacks from millionaire crunch bars to chocolate bites, there’s plenty of options to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your weight loss efforts.

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5.       Crisps

We are a nation of crisp lovers. That was confirmed after the controversial vote for the nation’s favourite crisp “sparked outrage” on social media. But whatever your preference, a typical bag of crisps can add little in terms of nutritional benefits to your diet and can be particularly damaging to your weight loss efforts.

A standard packet of Doritos (ranked in the “God Tier” of top crisps) contains 200 calories and less than 3g of protein.

But a simple swap for a packet of musclefood’s High Protein Mountain Chips and you can satisfy that salty craving for half the calories and double the protein!

You can enjoy crisps daily as a snack on Goal Getters plan and still lose weight. There are a variety of flavours to choose from so whatever your favourite – they have you covered.

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How to eat these 5 “bad foods” daily and still easily lose weight

With musclefood’s Goal Getters plan you get to choose 3 meals and 3 snacks a day tailored to your calorie requirements which put you in a sustainable calorie deficit for losing body fat.

You can select from a menu of over 70 meals and snacks including pizza, cheesecake, curries, chocolate, crisps, pasta and more, meaning you’ll have no reason to “bad” on your diet. There is so much variety you’ll never get bored and you’ll get to keep eating the foods you love whilst losing weight at the same time.

The meals are ready to eat in under 10 minutes - quicker, easier and cheaper than ordering in your high calorie takeaway alternative.

Simply put, with Goal Getters you’ll be losing weight in the easiest way possible eating your favourite foods and saving time.



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