5 Christmas Money-Saving Tips

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  • Christmas is NOT cheap for many people
  • While we all appreciate the early payday that comes from most jobs, helping for Christmas, that makes January an extremely cheap month
  • So, with that in mind, we’ve found five top tips to save some serious cash this festive holiday

1. Get Cashback on those presents

Cash Money

Fancy getting some of that money back on your HUGE present list? Well with some cashback sites you can.

The sign up is simple (and free), then click through their site to buy something. The cashback site gets paid for sending traffic and will give you a cut of this money. Some people have even been able to make back hundreds of pounds a year! Here are some of the best cashback sites.

2. Make a list – and check it twice

Santa making a list

Yes, this one is pretty boring. But the urge to impulse buy at Christmas time is a dangerous one!

Make yourself a shopping list and stick to it. You’ll see many shops targeting those impulses to spend – “just one of those won’t hurt” will be the words you say, and before you know it, you’ve spent another £100+ on random presents.

Writing a shopping list will help you beat that impulse!

3. Delivering presents to friends from faraway places? Use the web to cut costs

Present delivery

As grownups, chances are your circle of friends now live all over the UK! But delivering their presents don’t have to cost an arm and a leg…

If your parcel weighs more than 2kg, you can get away with using some discount web couriers instead of Royal Mail, cutting costs considerably. Just Google search some couriers and start from there.

4. Comp for some Christmas presents


Yes – we know a lot of you comp for Muscle Food goodies, so why not use those skills and comp for some cracking Xmas prezzies?

There are no guarantees that you’ll win, but everybody loves a trier! From five-star holidays to toilet rolls, you can find anything being given away on the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

Have a hunt about, search for #Giveaway on Twitter and get involved!

5. Write “gift” on your receipt


The nightmare scenario – your friend doesn’t like his/her gift and is looking to return it. However, without the proper receipt, nothing can happen. You’ve just wasted whatever amount of money on a naff prezzie!

This is because in legal terms, only the person who has bought the gift has rights to the refund.

However, if you get a gift receipt or ask the shop assistant to write “gift” on both his/her copy and yours, that’s enough to prove the rights are transferred.



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