5 Food Hacks To Make Your Shopping Last Longer

5 Food Hacks To Make Your Shopping Last Longer

  • Tired of throwing out your out-of-date shopping and wasting money?
  • Time to turn things around with these five life hacks to make your food last longer

1. Wrap your celery and broccoli with aluminium foil

broccoli and celery

Got some Celery and/or Broccoli on the way out? Get a piece of kitchen foil and tightly wrap each vegetable in small groups. Store them in the fridge and extend the life of these two veggies!

2. Stop berries from becoming mushy with vinegar


Hate mushy strawberries? Pour 5 cups of water and ½ cup of white vinegar in a bowl, and pour those berries in. Mix thoroughly, drain the berries until dry and store in the fridge for a new lease on life.

3. Use cling film to make your bananas ripen more slowly


Keep those bananas from getting too ripe by simply cutting a long, thin strip of cling film and wrapping it around the crown of the banana bunch. Store them on the counter top and keep those bananas beautiful.

4. Keep your left-over salad greens for longer

Salad greens

Save the fresh greens – wash, dry and place them in a bowl, put a layer of paper towel on top of the bowl and seal with plastic wrap. Replace that paper towel layer every day as it becomes damp and keep stored in the fridge.

5. Enhance the lifespan of your fresh herbs

fresh herbs

Want to keep the parsley or cilantro bright and full of flavour? Trim an inch off the stem and pop the fresh herbs in a jar with two inches of cool, filtered water. Cover the jar with a plastic bag and store in the fridge.



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