Back to Routine: 5 Tips on how to organize your new gym schedule

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After months of being in covid-19 quarantine, it's safe to say after last night's announcement, lots of us are excited to get back to the gym! We know it's hard to get back into a routine, and your body will take some time getting up to speed after so much time off, so here are our top 5 tips for getting back into a regular gym routine!

1. Pack your gym kit the night before

It’s so much harder to go home then back out again, so give yourself no excuse to not get to the gym. Pack your kit the night before and have it ready next to the front door. Whether you're going before work or after, everything is ready to go.

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2. Take 5 minutes to plan your next few days of exercise

Whether it’s on a Sunday night before the week ahead, or a random 5 minutes to yourself, make a plan and stick to it. Write it up and stick it somewhere you’ll see it often – whether it’s on your bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Once you complete a part of it, tick it off!

This will motivate you to do more.

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3. Make a date with a friend to workout

Working out with a friend helps to keep you motivated on the machines. You’ll be less likely to bail because of it. Think about it – whenever you work out on your own, you’re more likely to tell yourself you’ve had enough, when really you just can’t be bothered.

Having someone telling you to keep going is much better for motivational support!

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4. Set up a gym playlist

If you need inspiration to go back to the gym after a while, set up a playlist of your favorite songs. Motivational music that you know gets you back into it. Combine that with the gym kit and just get yourself back into it, and you’ll be back in no time.

musclefood's spotify account is full of playlists to get you back in to the swing of things!  

5. Try something new

One of the key reasons why people drop out of the regular gym routine is because you get bored of the same old thing easily.

Mix things up – keep your muscles on their toes and change things for the better to keep your strength (and interest) up.



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