5 Top Tips for Working Out on Holiday

2 min read

Ahhhh August; blue skies, warmer temperatures, a family vacay to the Costa Del  Sol… So it may not be the summer we’re used to, but that won’t stop us being our best  British selves and embracing the elements. So whether you’ve managed to figure a way  to get on a plane out of here or planning yourselves stunning stay-cation, make sure  you stay on track with your goals by using @dottiefitness 's 5 top tips!

1. Get It Done Early  

Now I may be biased here, but I LOVE a morning workout: It sets the bar, the  tone and the energy for the rest of the day. Now I know it’s not for everyone but hear  me out. You go on holiday to relax, de-stress, explore new surroundings, and I want  you to do just that. Getting your workout in first thing means that you can crack on with  planning your day, getting out there, or even, hit the sun lounger for optimal tanning.  Come lunchtime/evening you’ll more than likely be wanting to spruce up for a lazy  lunch or special dinner and I know which one I would rather pick!

2. Explore with Exercise!

Working out doesn’t always have to mean booking yourself out for a specific  workout, nor does it mean sweating from head to toe. One of my favourite ways to stay  active whilst away is getting around the city/village/town running, walking, cycling or  scooting! Look for ways to get around that don’t involve transport. Movement is movement and aids towards any goal. On the plus side, you get to soak in the sights way  better and really get a feel for the place you’re visiting.

3. Suss Out Various Workout Locations

Completely dependant on the type of accommodation you’re staying in there are  many ways to make the space work for you and your workout. Hotel rooms often have  fairly moveable beds, try pushing them to one side to create space or programme your  workout for smaller spaces. Looking outside of your accommodation whether that’s on  the patio, in the garden or jump on to Google Maps for a local park. Lots of bigger  parks now have outdoor gyms too which could really elevate your workout! Even a  chair/park bench can add a spot of variety too.

4. Travel Essentials

Eliminate any excuses first and foremost by packing your kit! Trainers, your favourite workout gear (or three), earphones, the lot. Nothing more frustrating that gearing  yourself up to get a workout in to find your trainers are back at home. Some other additions to your packing list I would recommend are lighter, compact, travel-friendly bits of  equipment. Resistance bands are the perfect holiday-workout buddy; light, easy to  cram in your suitcase and extremely versatile!

5. The More the Merrier!

Still struggling for motivation? Gather the troupes! Sisters, brothers, besties and  grannies all welcome. I’m assuming you’ve gone on holiday to spend some good quality time together so why not do just that?! You’ll all feel amazing, accomplished and ready to seize the day afterwards, besides, nothing like a touch of friendly competition  to really heat things up!

What do you think? Will you be packing the trainers this Summer?