5 Ways To Live A Little Bit Healthier Every Day

3 min read

You've your training DOWN but you’re still struggling to see results… Sound familiar? The culprit is most likely your diet.

Don't worry, though, it happens to everyone at some point, but small changes can make a huge difference, and that's why we put together our top 5 tips to help you make the right, delicious AND healthier choices for anytime of day…

Start Your Day Right

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

There's a reason why breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day… it BREAKS the FAST of snoozeville and it stokes the fires of your metabolism.

But before you reach for that slice of toast and jam opt for our ultimate handmade gourmet breakfast of Sweet Potato Hash Browns topped with poached eggs and bacon!

It has everything you need – protein, slow release carbs and oodles of flavour - but if you don't have time to spare in the morning, why not grab and go one of our Protein Porridge pots or Protein Crunchie pots - simply add water!

ALWAYS Have Something In The Freezer

New Year Super Lean Hamper

Thwart take out temptation before it even begins by ALWAYS having some form of lean and delicious meat in your freezer, which is super easy to do if you buy your meat in bulk from yours truly!

And let's be honest – why wouldn't you buy in bulk?

All our meat is responsibly sourced with no added water or salt, not to mention it works out a whole bundle cheaper than buying 4 chicken breasts from your local every day.

So go on, check out our latest bundles…

No Time To Cook? All You Need Is Live Clean™

LiveClean™ Meals

We get it, it's not always easy to cook up a storm especially if you’re at work and all you have to hand is a microwave. However, this doesn't mean you have to chow down that store bought sarnie…

Rather, all you need is one of our Live Clean™ meals instead! These bad boys have been developed by a Michelin Star trained chef and have been balanced to macro perfection especially for you.

Plus, unlike so many ready meals you find in the supermarket, these delicious and nutritious feasts contain no artificial ingredients!

Don’t Forget To Pack The Protein

Coconut Crunch Protein Bars

And no, we don't mean you need to carry about a dozen boiled eggs for a quick protein fix…

All you need is a tasty, nutritious and craving busting protein bar to pick you up when the mid-afternoon slump creeps up on you.

Skip The Takeout

Healthy Speed Sushi Salad

After a tough day it’s all too easy to reach for the phone and call your local takeout for a cheeky bite but surely your lean bod is worth so much more…?

If you agree, then PUT DOWN THE PHONE and try out this Speedy Sushi Salad - packed with protein, low GI carbs and a load of veg meaning you'll reach your 5-a-day no probs - nom nom.



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