6 Things You’ve Secretly Done At The Gym

2 min read
  • Face it – you’ve done some dodgy stuff at the gym. We’ve all been there.
  • Here are six things you’ve probably done at the gym

1. Taken a Corny Gym Selfie

gym selfie

Happy with your hard work? Time to celebrate with a carefully composed gym selfie with weights around you…

2. Ate a massive amount of junk food after your workout, even though you brag about eating healthy

eating fast food

“Seriously guys – eat well and train hard for the perfect,” says the guy who just popped to KFC on the way back.

3. Secretly farted in a crowded gym then ran away from the crime scene

fart and run

Squats really help you pass gas, which is good for you… But not anyone else!

4. Checking your social media while sat on a machine that everybody wants to use

texting on machines

Before you know it, you’ve just sat there looking at Facebook for 15 minutes while a queue impatiently waits.

5. Stopped your workout to check someone out

checking girl out at the gym

Man or woman, you’ve checked someone out at the gym. Whether they’re on the stepper in front of you, or you can see them squatting in the mirror…

6. Persuaded yourself that you were too tired to finish a workout, when you were actually just too lazy

lazy workout

Subtly suggesting yourself to stop is the perfect storm of stopping any workout! Did you know you can actually convince yourself to be more worn out than usual?



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