Anthony Costa's Goal Getter Transformation

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Ant Costa is a face many of us will recognise, from his days with Blue and his time on I'm a Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here as well as his many stint in theatre and TV. He's been in a whirlwind of busy work schedules since he was young, but like the rest of us he has still struggled with finding the time to eat well and exercise, especially as he got older and life gets more hectic!

That's where we at MuscleFood have been able to support him through our Goal Getter meal plans. Find out more about his journey so far and the incredible results it has had.

The Start of the Journey

Back in September 2020, Ant started the Goal Getter plans for the first time, staying on for 3 months. During the lockdowns, his weight had crept up after months of disrupted schedules; how many of us can relate?

First spotting the healthy food plan on social media, Antony was inspired by friends who had already embarked on their MuscleFood journey, including Gogglebox star Amy Tapper and her dad Jonathan. Talking about first seeing their posts on Instagram, Antony said:

I’m quite close to them (Amy and Jonathan) so I saw them doing the MuscleFood Super Slimmer plan and thought if they can do it, so can I.”

We helped him get his diet back on track, with 3 meals and snacks a day all tailored to his calorie needs. During those 3 months, he managed to drop from 15st7 to 13st7 - an amazing 2 stone loss.

Antony started his new diet plan during lockdown, aiming to break the bad eating habits he’d become used to, and switching them for healthy and sustainable choices that helped him to lose the weight over time, unlike crash diets Antony had tried in the past.

“I was terrible... it’s just easy eating isn’t it, ‘beige food’ I call it - sausage rolls or sandwiches, crisps, fizzy drinks, and then in the summer when it was hot, it was the beer, alcohol, BBQs. It’s finding the balance, and the MuscleFood plans give you the right amount of food that’s really tasty as well. There are so many food and snack options that I chose a different menu each week to make sure that I had a variety and didn’t feel like I was on a restrictive diet. With options like Pizza, Peri Peri Chicken and Fish and Chips as well as healthy crisps and protein bars, I was still able to have my all-time favourites without feeling like I was cheating.”  

When talking about the Goal Getters programme, Antony compares it to some of the fad diets he’s tried over the years:

I’ve done many diets before and I’ve always ‘yo-yoed’. I’ve done those intense diets where it’s like lose a stone in a month or two stone in two weeks, but it just never works out because it’s not gradual. This plan is completely different”

After following the Goal Getters Super Slimmer plan, when asked about his advice to anyone considering making a change to their lifestyle, Antony said:

I’m an all or nothing person - I would say you’ve just got to go for it. Go in 100% because you won’t be disappointed. The food tastes great, it’s simple to follow and it really doesn’t feel like a diet.”

Getting Back on Track

A year after first using Goal Getters, we got in touch with Ant to see how he was getting on. The good news? Even with more lockdowns he managed to keep over half the original weight off. After a lifetime of yo-yo diets, it is great to see a more sustainable approach has helped him in the long run.

"I kept the weight off for long time, but got into bad habits again during the lockdowns and put some of it back on - not all of it though!"

The better news? With an even busier 2022 ahead of him, he was keen to get back on track with those healthy habits again, so we're back helping him to kick start those New Year with another few months on plan. With new recipes, meals and snacks on plan, it was a no-brainer! Talking about our meals, he said:

They are great for me as I want to lose some weight, but I’m really busy at the moment too and don’t want to rely on take-aways or eat rubbish... This time I’m really busy in Panto and getting ready for next years tour with Blue, so my goal is to be fit for all of those stage shows!

So far, he's already been feeling stronger, fitter and healthier during panto seasonn; watch this space for more...

More about the Plans

The MuscleFood Goal Getters food plans include the Super Slimmer and the Lean Machine. Both plans are tailored to your goal and include an optional exercise programme that you can do at home or in the gym. The calorie balanced, high protein meals are delicious and delivered fresh to your doorstep each week. Meal options include tasty recipes kits, prepared microwave meals and healthy treats like pizzas, alongside a selection of snacks.

Created by MuscleFood chefs and in house experts, the Goal Getters plan has been crafted to make having a healthy diet an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice, with experts on hand to offer support and advice to the Goal Getters community through the active community Facebook page.

The Goal Getters programme isn’t like any of those fad diets you’ve tried before, just real people and real results. The reason it works is because it’s realistic and non-restrictive, meaning you can still enjoy a little bit of what you fancy to keep you on track whilst smashing your goals. So why not give it a go today? Click here to get started!

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