Are All Chicken Snacks Good For You?

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When it comes to lean protein, chicken is at the top of the list.

Just ask any bodybuilder, fitness fan or basically anyone that’s ever displayed even the smallest hint of an interest in their health and they’ll all tell you the same thing – chicken is a must.

And it’s easy to understand why considering it’s lean, protein packed and incredibly versatile.

It’s also simple to cook, relatively cheap and pretty much devoid of carbs, which is why, and quite rightly too, chicken has ascended to the top of the fitness nutrition pantheon for years, decades, maybe even millennia.

That is, of course, so long as you’re not a vegetarian…

The thing is how on earth do you know if the chicken you’re munching is actually good for you?

Yes, we know that seems a bit of a mute question, but think about it…

When you’re standing in the meat aisle starring at all the different varieties of chicken available – raw, cooked, pre-cut, roasted, flavoured, sliced, diced, covered in mayo and sweetcorn, not covered in mayo and sweetcorn – just how do you make an informed choice out of the vast array of chicken products before you?

We suppose the first question you should ask yourself is this, “do I need to eat this chicken right this instant, or can I wait until I’m home to cook it?”

If the answer is, “yes, I must eat all of the chicken right now,” then you’ve saved yourself the chore of scouring the raw aisle. Just you walk on over to the already cooked section and we’ll talk you through the rest…


When it comes to selecting a pre-cooked chicken product that’s actually going to do you some good, the first thing you have to do is flip the packet over and check out the ingredients list on the back.

You’ll often find that many pre-cooked chicken products have been secretly filled with unnatural and unnecessary extras – including loads of sugar - to boost flavour and juiciness.

You’ll also find that the chicken itself has probably come from other fattier sources of chicken like the leg.

So, if it’s a lean, protein packed source you’re after, try and select a product that’s made from the breast, and nothing but the breast, like Taste Inc. Ready To Eat Chicken.

Each pack of this stunning ready to eat chicken contains one whole chicken breast inner fillet meaning it hasn’t gone through a whole load of needless processes making it one of the purest and “breast” ready to eat chicken products you can munch!

Cooking Process

Another thing to keep an eye on is how the chicken has been cooked.

Steamed and chargrilled – like Taste Inc. Ready To Eat Chicken - is best as it will help retain all the nutrients of the chicken without adding extra fats to the mix, keeping your chicken protein packed and lean.

Nutritional Breakdown

Finally, and probably most importantly, when it comes to selecting a pre-cooked chicken product that’s going to give your body what it needs, you have to read the nutritional table.

Yes, chicken is naturally lean and protein packed, but sometimes you’ll find pre-cooked chicken is also chockfull of sodium – not so great if you’re going for the lean look or are generally concerned about your arteries.

Just remember, the RDA of an adult’s sodium intake is 2400 milligrams or less, that’s the same as 6g of salt, and sometimes pre-cooked chicken can contain up to half that daily allowance, making them a not so healthy option after all.

However, there are healthier choices available, you just have to look at the fine print.

For instance, Taste Inc. Ready To Eat Chicken contains just 0.4g salt per serving, that’s 50% LESS than the market leading brand.

What about other meat snacks?

When it comes to other meaty snacks, the world is literally your oyster, but chicken still comes out on top.

Sure, you could pick up a peperoni-based snack, but then you’ll be eating roughly 4g of fat per stick and just 6g of protein.

Compare that to Taste Inc. Ready To Eat Chicken with 1g of fat and +8g of protein, and there’s not much else to say really is there?

Then, of course, you must consider the whole over processed thing these alternative meat snacks go through too… honestly, it just doesn’t bear thinking about!

So, if you’re looking for a healhy, lean, protein packed snack that won’t wreck your clean and lean diet, pre-cooked chicken is definitely a winner, just remember to read the back carefully before you munch.



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