Buddy The Elf Eats HOW Many Calories At Christmas?

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We all need a little perspective every now and again, and if you’re worried about over indulging this festive season we’ve just the thing to make you feel a bit better about it.

It’s a well-known fact that Santa’s elves love sugar, and Buddy the elf certainly can eat a lot of it.

It’s been over a decade since the factual documentary on Buddy, titled Elf, hit our screens, entered our hearts and gave us an insight into what really goes on up there at the North Pole.

There were busy elves, naturally, love, a Grinch and an abundance of candy canes. In fact, thanks to this insightful piece of investigative journalism we learned that the four main food groups of elves are:

  • Candy
  • Candy Canes
  • Candy Corn
  • Syrup

So it’s no surprise that Buddy smothered his spaghetti with syrup at the family dinner table.

After freeze framing much of the documentary to figure out just how many calories our favourite elf actually consumes around the Christmas period, we concluded that Buddy must have one heck of a metabolism.

Why? Because the figure sits at about:

8075 calories*!

And there’s hardly a decent micronutrient in his diet either, or macro for that matter – like, where’s the protein?!

To see how we worked this out, click on…

*This is merely an estimate; he most likely ate way more!


There’s no doubt Buddy loves a plate of Spaghetti. He enjoys it for breakfast and dinner and we reckon he eats a solid portion per meal, which would bring his calorie count to 442 calories per day.

Mini Marshmallows

Buddy uses marshmallows the way we’d use cranberry sauce – it’s an add on, something to boost the flavour of something else. This is why he uses it to top his spaghetti breakfast and cocoa.

It’s hard to tell just how much he actually uses as he generally grabs a handful, so we’re going to guess he adds on an easy 100 calories per day.


As we know by now, candy is one of the major food groups of elves, so it’s no surprise Buddy stuffs his face with bags upon bags of M&M’s throughout the 1 hour 30 minute piece. Just one bag of these bad boys adds on 240 calories.

Pop Tarts

Chocolate fudge pop tarts to be exact… Buddy tucks into these at breakfast time adding 400 calories to his day per packet.

Chocolate Syrup

Yet another staple for the average elf – syrup, and considering Buddy decides the best way to enjoy it is to pour an entire bottle all over his grub he adds on 1700 calories to his festive munching.

Maple Syrup

Of course, Buddy’s absolute favourite syrup is Maple Syrup. In fact, he loves it so much he will literally add it to everything and anything he eats. Assuming he has at least 1 full cup daily, he’ll add on roughly 820 calories to his diet.

Hot Cocoa

What’s the use of eating all of the above if you don’t have anything to wash it down with? Luckily Buddy’s thought of that, and his drink of choice is hot cocoa – yum!

It would be fair to assume he’d enjoy at least three mugs of steaming hot cocoa a day, thus amassing an extra 650 calories.

Once Buddy finds out that his real Dad is a hot shot publisher based in New York, Buddy draws up a list of all the things he’d like to do with him.

One item on the list is to eat an entire roll of Toll House Cookie Dough. Should he actually do this, he’ll rack up a staggering 2880 calories in one sitting – WOW!

Fizzy Pop

And not just any fizzy pop either – Coca Cola! Buddy enjoys this beverage so much he necks an entire 2l bottle in one go adding 840 calories to his daily total.

Cotton Balls

The good news about Buddy enjoying cotton balls is that he will ingest ZERO calories, although we doubt they’re very good for his digestive system…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We know we’ve been generous with our 8075-calorie calculation, when in truth Buddy probably eats well over 10,000 calories in sugar, fat and all the things that make Christmas so tasty.

So, if you’re feeling a little guilty about the indulgence heading your way this Yuletide, just remember, you could eat like Buddy, which would be a lot worse.



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