Can Kettlebell Exercises Improve Your Sex Life?

By Jamie Lloyd

  • Kettlebell exercises are hated by some people in the fitness community, but there’s one bedroom benefit that nobody really knows…
  • But can Kettlebells really improve your sex life? UK Kettlebell Champion Jamie Lloyd turns into your love counsellor by looking at the facts.

Remember that summer when everyone in the UK was reading the same book? On the beach, on the train, or in the doctor’s waiting room – Fifty Shades of Grey was changing the way everyone thought and talked about sex!

Even the film brought it front of mind once again, I can tell you as a man, as a health coach, as a strength and containing coach, that's all good.

While we can read about it all we want, to actually have great sex there are a few key ingredients we must put into place, practice and master if we want to be a good all-rounder in the sack.

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1. Endurance

Whether you fancy a sprint or a marathon, you need to be fit in the sack! Neither explosive pace nor hard core endurance can be achieved overnight, unless you put the work in during the day.

So, I could run on the treadmill- but what’s so great about kettlebells? I hear you ask. Did you know 15 minutes of kettlebells training can burn up to around 400 calories? Kettlebells are a high intensity, workout which utilises all 600 muscles in the body!

So, aim to do around 2-4 Kettlebell workouts a week to improve your stamina. But wait there’s more - check out some of these moves to propel your bedroom prowess to the next level....

Kettlebell Squats

There are almost as many Instagram posts about squats as there are about smoothies! Squats increase hip strength, essential for primal movements that carry over into most sports (including sex) and they also increase mobility but most importantly, squats make you really sexy!

They utilise every muscle in your body to remain tight through your entire upper back and core, while generating strength and power through the thighs and hips.


Kettlebell Deadlift

Now for strong, powerful hip thrusts, you need to have strong, powerful hips. To master humping, you must incorporate some sort of hinge pattern in your training like Deadlifts which are a great simple hip hinge /hip extension pattern, and it must be trained like any other lift.

I advise my clients to train relatively heavy, going for no more than 8 repetitions, and really focus on driving through with the hips. A good starting point for beginners is to use Hexi-Deadlifts which are easier than regular Deadlifts and you'll lift more weight.

Try doing 5 sets of 8 repetitions and remember to keep good form with a straight back and lift your chest keeping your head up as you lift the weight.

Kettlebell Swing

Similar to the deadlift, the kettlebell swing is a great exercise for practicing a hip/hinge pattern, is a great exercise for training the posterior chain and gets you into triple extension.

It is low impact, and will get you fit in no time. Try doing interval training with a heavy Kettlebell. Start by doing 1 minute of 2 handed swings with just 30 secs rest and aim to do 4-5 rounds.

This exercise is great for helping you contract the glutes and in the concentric phase (on the upward phase of the swing) as you must tighten your core to help protect your back, forcefully contract the glutes like you are squeezing a fifty pound note between your bum cheeks and drive the hips back in perfect time with the kettlebell. Does this remind you of anything?

Well, try doing lots of Kettlebell swings regularly and see if your love life improves too!


2. Kettlebells Improve Your Confidence

The saying goes ‘skinny girls look good in clothes; fit girls look good naked.’ Let’s be real, the better you feel about your body, the more confident you feel, which brings me back to those squat Instagrams.

Celebrities the world over have turned to kettlebells, to strip fat and tone up fast. A common misconception is that they bulk you up – no one’s ever referred to Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Biel as bulky! Kettlebells give you curves – and they’re always sexy!

3. Kettlebells Improve all round Flexibility for The Bedroom

Warm ups and post-training stretching are all about flexibility (as well as reducing muscle-ache!) A good trainer will monitor and push your flexibility safely and have you in tip-top condition to tackle the bedroom gymnastics.

You don’t need to have internally digested the entire Kama Sutra to know that mixing it up a bit can be fun!

Try doing this Kettlebell workout for improved mobility, flexibility and stamina!

Kettlebell Windmills x 5 each side

These are a great exercise for opening up the glenohumeral joint, lumbar spine and great for mobilising the hips.

With weekly Kettlebell Windmills, you'll soon be doing moves in the bedroom that you couldn't have possibly dreamed of before, as your core will be stronger and your shoulders will be stronger. So, when doing missionary, you'll be able to stay the course for longer!


2 handed swings x 20

These are a great all round exercise, which will help you increase your stamina and skyrocket your fitness.

Turkish Getups x 5 each side

This is a great complex exercise that trains the whole kinetic chain. Again, this improves stability in the glenohumeral joint, opens up the hips and strengthens the core all in one move.

As a strength coach this is a sure fast way to use this exercise not only as a whole body strengthener but to assess the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joint all from one move.

So, start off light and keep good form. Keep the Kettlebell locked out overhead and take your time.

Do 4-5 rounds of these exercises back to back, and before you know it you'll be a gladiator in the bedroom!.


4. Kettlebells Boost Testosterone

Apart from having a fun workout, Kettlebells have been renowned for boosting your sex drive by increasing your testosterone. As they help build all round muscle and boost virility.

The male hormone - testosterone - is responsible for helping you gain muscle mass, strong bones and making you look like a bedroom warrior.

Try doing complex Kettlebell exercises like snatches, squats, Deadlifts, clean and Jerks. These will be a sure fast way to get fit in the bedroom and boost your sexy hormones.


The next time you want to try to spice things up with your partner, don't reach for the blue pill. You won't need to have a shed load of equipment either to get fit in the sack.

So, the next time you’re thinking of improving your love life, try experimenting with something hard, metallic and slightly sexy - go hit the gym for a kettlebell session! You'll be humping for Britain soon enough!



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