Chantelle Houghton's Goal Getter Transformation

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In 2021, Big Brother's Chantelle Houghton joined us on a weight loss journey, using our MuscleFood Goal Getter meal plans.

After a long time of struggling with her weight and her relationship with food, she tried out our Super Slimmer 1800+ calories plan for 12 weeks; the difference in her body, mind and confidence levels is amazing! Read on to find out more about why she started, her goals and of course, her incredible results.

The Motivations

When we first spoke to Chantelle, she made it clear to us that having a healthy diet really improves her confidence. Her main goal was to lose some weight but to also improve her mental health as well.

Having a healthy diet improves how I’m feeling physically, and mentally, I'm sooo much more confident when I’m eating better! I’m following MuscleFood’s Super Slimmer 12 week plan to have me feeling my best again and help me shine in social situations I might normally shy away from.

When Chantelle started her Goal Getters journey, it was really important that she had easy access to healthy and nutritious meals as she is constantly on the go. That is the beauty of our plans, you get 3 meals a day which are tailored to your needs and so easy to prep or just pop into the microwave.

The meals are SO quick and easy so it’s brilliant for when I have lack of time and personal commitments…it means I can still eat healthy when I’m on the go! It doesn’t feel like a diet at all, it feels like a lifestyle change and I am LOVING every minute and mouthful of it!

The Results

Chantelle saw some great results, losing 2 stone and dropping 2 dress sizes. She lost 1.5 inches on her thighs, 1 inch lost on her arms, 3 inches on her bust and 4 inches on her stomach.

I feel on top of the world. My confidence has rocketed and it has been a life changer for me.

Not only did Chantelle see some physical changes, she has also seen a massive change in her confidence. Goal Getters has taught her that you don't need to restrict yourself to lose weight.

I want to have amazing body and general confidence. I want to be able to attend more social events and not hide away or put myself into a situation that makes me feel rubbish. That's why MuscleFood Goal Getters has been life changing for me.

We are so pleased to have been able to help Chantelle gain her confidence back and to help her transform her relationship with food.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Check out the plans on site and grab life by the goals in 2022.