Common physique flaws and how to reduce them

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Everyone dreams of obtaining that perfect physique, but it’s a difficult thing to obtain for many.

A select few can approach that mark through a combination of hard work, dedication and genetic blessings, while the rest of us struggle with common physical shortcomings or suffer with our own misguided efforts, ignorance or lack of attention to detail.

Here, we’ve picked out a number of common physique flaws and ways in which you can address them.

Top heavy

One of the most common physique imbalances is top heaviness. A lot of people enjoy training their chest and arms, with the back and shoulders lagging behind.

The training day that is most likely to be skipped altogether is leg day.

This, in time, results in an upper body that is rugged and bulked out, but one that looks like it belongs to someone else – as the legs are small and weak in comparison.

The fix


Train your legs more – it’s as simple as that! If you find yourself already in the position we’ve described above, you should really look at working them twice a week to catch up.

Get to work on squats, leg presses, hack squats, leg curls, leg extensions and more. Eventually your lower body will look as muscular as your upper body, giving you a much more pronounced and complete physique.

Droopy pecs

The bench press has been a marker of strength for decades and it really is a fantastic mass building movement for the pectorals.

However, if someone focuses entirely on the flat barbell bench press, as many have done before, the problem is that there is a tendency for the middle and lower sections of the chest to become highly developed, while the upper region stays flat and shallow.

In time, this will result in the chest looking droopy, with its bulk of muscle mass situated in the lower region.

The fix

Begin your chest workouts by focusing on the upper chest with either barbell or dumbbell incline presses. Only one you have thoroughly worked your upper chest should you move on to flat presses and the like.

Your middle and lower chest will shrink, but this is nothing to worry about. There will be enough residual stimulation from incline presses and fly motions to maintain their mass.

In the meantime, your upper chest will start to catch up and once you have achieved a chest that’s thick and full, from clavicle to sternum, you will have a set of pecs that stand out.

Wide waist

Your bone structure is genetically dictated, meaning you don’t have much choice over your bone shape which is the framework you build your muscles on.

The ideal physique almost always features a pronounced V taper, with the visual effect or wide shoulders and upper back that tapers down to a narrower waist, which many people are simply unable to achieve.

The fix

Despite your bones potentially getting in the way of the body you’re really looking for, you can build your side delts and upper back to the point where you create greater width up to, eventually causing the tapered effect described earlier.

You can work your side delts with lateral raises using dumbbells, machines and cables along with wide grip upright rows using a barbell or dumbbells.

You don't look defined

In a quest to gain lean muscle mass, many lifters eat a lot more than they need to achieve gains.

They often avoid cardio out of the belief, or fear rather, that the extra activity will drain their surplus of calories.

The result of excessive calorie intake with limited calorie burning is a soft looking body, with muscular gains hidden beneath a layer of flab.

The fix


Be prepared to clean up your diet. Even when bulking up, stop eating things such as baked goods, pizza, fried foods or chocolate bars. Cut out regular fizzy drinks and fruit juices which are loaded with sugar.

Start eating more freshly prepared foods such as grilled or baked chicken, salmon and other fish, eggs, rice, oats, sweet potatoes and raw vegetables.

With carbs, start cutting back until you get to a daily amount that gives you only enough energy for effective workouts and pumps.

Don’t forget to do your cardio too. Get on the incline treadmill, stepper machine or cross trainer for 20 to 30 minutes after your weights. Don’t be fearful of losing your gains by leaning up.

You’ll find that losing body fat helps your metabolism reset, enhances your training results while also revealing the muscular physique you’ve been working towards.

You may be lighter on the scale but you’ll definitely look bigger and more impressive!