Dan Rayner Transformation Interview

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You may know of him as a resident writer for Musclefood and world-class body building competitor with an incredible dedication to his sport and passion for a healthy lifestyle, but Dan Rayner was not always so enamoured with the world of fitness.

Dan Rayner

Tell us a bit about your story:

I started my fitness career at the age of 21 and still to this very day love the lifestyle that I lead. I chose to study as a level 2 gym instructor because of my love for sport. Despite this, I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life and became very lazy leading to my lowest point in my life. I went on the dole and did anything I could to avoid working.

After a year, the job centre arranged for me to take part in some work experience at my local leisure centre. From completing two months of work experience I was offered a job as a gym instructor.

2015 was a huge year for me and in September, at the age of 25, I competed in my first fitness competition with a federation called Pure Elite. It was a qualifying event for the World Championships in November. I went on to take 4th place in a category that suited my look and physique, the Beach Body category.

The excitement was soon re-lived when I received a wild card entry to the Pure Elite World Championships 2015. This was my chance to really make a name for myself. Eight weeks later I took first place and was crowned the Pure Elite Beach Body World champion 2015, earning my pro status as a Pure Elite competitor.

I have since gone on to win the Pure Elite Pro Beach Body title in both 2016 and 2017. I am the only Pure Elite Athlete to win three consecutive world titles. My fitness competing history now shows that I've competed in 8 shows, placed every single time and taken five 1st place trophies including 4 World titles.

I now have a successful online coaching business and a private studio where I train my one on one clients. I'm a part time model and am very fortunate enough to work very closely with a few companies, including Musclefood!

I have gone from a shy, unconfident boy to a very determined young man. I am willing to do everything in my power to succeed and to be the best version I can of myself.

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Dan Rayner



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