Do The Unthinkable: Success Stories

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Our ‘Do The Unthinkable’ fitness program has been running now for over a year and in that time, it’s made quite the impact.

Do The Unthinkable is a complete food and fitness system. Every meal you need is prepared for you; breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your snacks are delivered to your door fresh every week.

On top of that, you receive scientifically proven workouts planned and demonstrated for you, drawn up by our PT Steve Ahern. You can follow along on DVD or stream anywhere.

It’s perfect for those who want to make a positive change to their lifestyle but find it hard to plan, cook and eat nutritious food and exercise alongside it.

So many people have signed up, followed the program and changed their eating and exercise habits for the better. What’s more, they’ve seen real results too.

Here are just a few who really ‘Did The Unthinkable’ and transformed their lives.

Jonathan Tapper


Jonathan, star of Channel 4’s Gogglebox, started DTU late in 2018 and in just three months, lost almost three stone and shrunk his waist from 44 inches to 38.

He had struggled with his weight for years and had piled on the pounds after struggling to fit exercise and regular meals into his day.

The 51-year-old chauffeur would eat fried breakfasts and high calorie service station sandwiches while out on the road, along with bags of crisps, clocking up over 3000 calories a day.

Now, Jonathan has three regular meals a day and has cut out the bad habits.

“I’ve always found it really hard to lose weight and was still a little hesitant when I decided to join Do The Unthinkable,” he says. “But 6 weeks down and I’m 2 stone lighter, got rid of all the junk food in my life and even have a more positive attitude towards fitness!

“DTU has helped teach me about food. Before I did this plan my knowledge on what to eat was so poor. Having it all done for me not only helps me in the present but its teaching me about portion control and what to eat for when I move forward after this programme.”

Josie Gibson


Former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson signed up to Do The Unthinkable after giving birth to her baby in 2018, with the intention of losing the weight gained during her pregnancy.

She did just that. In nine weeks on DTU, Josie dropped three dress sizes, going from a size 18 to a size 12.

“After having a baby I needed to get back on track as I felt seriously unfit! Following Do The Unthinkable has helped me lose the weight I wanted to lose and I now feel fitter then I have in years!! Josie says.

“I love how easy all the food is to prepare and how tasty everything is. All the food is so easy to eat and fit into my schedule that I never felt like I was even on a diet. The workouts are awesome too!”

Wendy Landels


Wendy signed up for DTU in 2018 because, while her diet was semi-healthy, she ate larger portions and enjoyed snacks and puddings. She also did not have much in the way of exercising in her life.

Over the course of 12 weeks, Wendy lost an impressive two stone, going from a weight of 210lb in week one to 191lb by week 12.

Wendy says of DTU: “It has taught me about good healthy choices, portion sizes and that I can snack between meals as long as they are healthy ones. DTU really changed my life around and helped me have a positive outlook on exercise and healthy living.

“To this day I am still following the learnings I obtained. This is so much more than a 12-week weight loss programme!”

Nick Schroder


Nick has achieved the physique of his dreams thanks to the guidance of DTU.

In 12 weeks he halved his body fat weight from 20% to 10% and in the process developed a leaner, trimmer physique.

He says: “It’s not even like I was fat or anything before but the difference is absolutely incredible and I thank you PT Steve and musclefood for helping me look and feel like I used to when I was younger. I’m 27 but before I did this program I felt very old in my body!

“I’ve already sung the praises of DTU to so many people who’ve seen and noticed the change in me.”

Ben Ozanne


Ben struggled with his diet and exercise routine, not knowing what to eat or where to start when it came to making it better.

That’s where Do The Unthinkable came in. Ben decided to sign up and over the course of 12 weeks went from a weight of 16 stone (234lb) to 13 stone (194lb), shedding the excess weight and finally seeing results!

“I loved everything about DTU,” Ben says. “The food, the workouts, everything! The main thing for me though is the incredible support community on Facebook. Every time I felt low on motivation a quick chat in the group would set me right back on track!”

Carol Ann Forbes


Carol Ann wanted to enhance her levels of fitness and improve her diet for an upcoming marathon, so she turned to Do The Unthinkable for guidance.

During her time following the programme she shed 3% bodyfat and beat her half-marathon personal best!

She says of DTU: “This plan was perfect for me as I didn't have to worry about my food at all and I was able to add the workouts as part of my training.”

“I loved the variety of all the food. I have a big appetite and often have naughty sweet cravings but the choice of meals and snacks on the plan kept those at bay! Special mention to PT Steve too who pushed me to my limits in the home workouts.”

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