Effective Strategies to Save Money and Lose Weight

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According to reports, two-thirds of people are consistently on a diet. However, simply being on a diet doesn't guarantee weight loss at all.

You may know how frustrating that can be. What's more, dietary supplements and exercise programs can seriously drain your bank account, making your fitness goals even harder to attain.

Lose weight on a budget doesn't have to be a chore, though. In fact, with a few easy tips, you can save money and lose weight with ease! Keep reading to find out everything you should know.

Prep Meals in Advance

It's been a hard day at work. You're on your way back home when it hits you: you have nothing at home for dinner. Due to affordability and ease of access, you choose to stop off at your local fast food drive-thru.

Sure, fast food is quick and easy to obtain. But it's also horrible for you and can sabotage your goals.

Ditch the fast food and instead spend one day per week prepping your week's meals in advance. Though meal prepping might seem like a lot of work upfront, it's more than worth it.

Meal Prep for Breakfast & Lunch
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For starters, it allows you to take control of portion sizes so you can ensure a calorie deficit for the day. It's also far more affordable than eating out all the time, especially if you shop for deals. For additional savings, be on the lookout for hamper deals, which bundle more ingredients for less money.

Just cook, store, and reheat. Meal prepping is a low-stress and low-calorie solution that puts you back in charge of your meals.

Focus on Protein-Rich Meals

Meal prepping alone is a great way to start losing weight on a budget. But if you're eating the wrong things, you could still wind up hungry or nutritionally deficient.

To give your body the energy it needs throughout the day, make sure your prepped meals are balanced, starting with a heaping helping of protein.

If you eat meat, stock up on chicken. A single chicken breast from a 2.5kg package or a 5kg package contains 44g of protein per serving. Lean mince is another affordable option for meat-eaters, running about £3.50 per 0.4kg package.

For vegetarians, add flaxseed to salads or spruce up your favourite dishes with mock chicken or steak.

lido’s pasta
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Look for Free Ways to Exercise

80% of weight loss will come from your diet. That leaves 20% up to exercise, so it's time to get out and start burning those calories!

Gym memberships can be expensive, though, so instead, look for things you can do around the neighbourhood.

A 30-minute jog at a light pace can burn well over 100 calories. You can also go for a hike, invest in a small set of free weights at home, or try shadowboxing.

As long as it gets your heart rate up, you can expect to burn fat.

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To learn more about how you can save money while losing weight, make sure to keep up with our latest deals section. You'll save money on the foods you love and pay a price you can feel good about.



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