Egg And Turkey Bacon Low Carb Wrap

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The perfect beautiful breakfast low-carb wrap

Perfect for a grab-and-go brekkie when you're short on time, you need to give this egg and turkey bacon wrap a go!

       Calories: 273kcal

       Protein: 27g

       Carbs: 20g

        Fats: 11g


·         100g liquid eggs

·         2 slices of turkey bacon

·         1 slice of whole wheat bread


1.     Pre heat your frying pan and cook the eggs into an omelette.

2.     Pre heat your grill or pan and cook the two pieces of turkey bacon.

3.     When both are fully cooked, place them on top of the bread.

4.     Fold the shorter end up and roll the wrap up.

5.     Place the wrap back onto the frying pan, turning it over after about one minute.

6.     Once toasted on both sides, take your wrap out of the pan and serve!

Jenny Shaw

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