Get Organised: free meal planner and exercise planner templates

2 min read

Feeling ready to set out your health and fitness goals? Then we're here to help make it easier with some free tech downloads!

How it works -

  1. Browse the planners and backgrounds in this post

2. Back click on the image you want to save

3. Chose 'Save Image As' to save onto your computer

4. Print them out, set them as your desktop background or edit them in paint!

Meal Planning made easy -

Meal planning is an amazing way to get on top of your diet and your shopping lists! We like to plot out what we're eating when so we can take things out of the freezer on time or plan around busier days so food isn't wasted.

Our free downloadable Meal Planner Template has space to write in meals for every day of the week, plus space for notes if you need to defrost or head to the shops for anything.

P.S. these work brilliantly with our Goal Getters Meal Plans - every time you get your delivery, plan out what you what you want to eat when and those reminders of what to defrost!  

Smash your goals with Exercise Planning -

It might seem a small thing, but planning out your exercise can make a big difference in helping you stick to those fitness goals.

We've laid out your free downloadable fitness planner so you can focus on what you want to achieve each week. Don't forget to plot in those rest days and tick everything off as you go!

Stay Motivated -

Need a reminder to keep at your goals? Download these desktop backgrounds for a little boost every time you open your computer