Georgie Cooper Transformation Interview

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Georgie Cooper hails from the small sea-side town of Bude in Cornwall.  She is self-assured, confident, passionate about fitness, a personal trainer and determined.  However, 21-year-old Georgie wasn't always like this.

Just a couple of years ago, Georgie dropped out of university and had a bad relationship with food.  Her main ambition was to be as skinny as possible.
Today, she is now running her own personal training business, she's a social media superstar and loves her job.
She's not only surprised herself, but she's worlds away from the shy, un-confident girl who dropped out of uni and didn't have a clue what she wanted to achieve in life.

Here's her story…

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Tell us a bit about your story and who you are

After deciding to study Business and Events Management at University, I dropped out after one year; I didn't enjoy it and it just didn't feel right for me. I found myself back at home, working a dead end job at a café, and that's when I knew something needed to change. I was already into fitness at this point and used the gym as a way of escape from my bad mental health I suffered with then.

I had a bad relationship with food, and all I wanted was to be slim.

What triggered your transformation?

It was the mind-set switch from “I want to be as skinny as possible” to “I want to be as strong as possible”. I used to eat a chocolate bar then go and run on the treadmill and burn off the exact same calories.

Being in the gym more and doing a little bit of research, I started resistance training. I grabbed a few dumbbells and a mat and headed to a corner and did my own thing. The feeling and endorphins I got from that is what triggered my transformation, I felt so bad-ass and just wanted to push myself more and more each session.

A year later I studied to be a personal trainer at the weekends, and it’s all history from there. I am now running my own business, training people 1-1 in a gym and online and I can truly say I love my job! I now have a very good understanding of nutrition and training, with a huge passion
for bodybuilding.



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