Nutritionist Approved Kitchen Essentials

2 min read

Have you ever rummaged in your kitchen cupboards wondering why they are full, yet you have nothing to eat? I think many of us feel like this, especially when we get home from work hungry with nothing ready to eat. Luckily, there are some kitchen essentials that will make it easier to improvise healthy, balanced meals in no time!

We asked Heidi, one of our experts, to share the items she always keeps in stock to help create delicious, nutritious meals.

1) Chopped Tomatoes

Chopped tomatoes must be one of the best long shelf‐life products you could have in your kitchen cupboard. They are so versatile and work for many different types of cuisine. Add some lean chicken breast cut in strips, herbs and spices, and some vegetables and you’ll have yourself a lovely pasta sauce or a curry.

You could also roast a whole chicken breast in the oven, letting it simmer in the lovely tomato sauce, and serve with rice or potatoes.

2) Herbs and Spices

That brings me to herbs and spices, key for making delicious meals at home! Think about what types of food you like and tend to cook, as this will help you decide what spices you need in your cupboard.

If you’re a fan of Indian food, think about buying turmeric, chillies, coriander, and cumin. If you prefer Italian dishes, opt for basil, sage, oregano, and parsley.

Make a lovely dry rub by mixing your favourite herbs and spices, and generously coating some steak or fish before frying or roasting in the oven.

3) Coconut Milk

I am definitely partial to fragrant Thai dishes and curries, which is why coconut milk is always found in my kitchen. Coconut milk will easily morph into a beautiful veggie or a chicken curry, or a deliciously warming Thai soup (I’m looking at you, Autumn!).

Pop some fresh veggies and peanut butter in your next MuscleFood order, and you’re good to go!

4) Freezer Meals

We’ve all been there: coming home from work, tired and un‐inspired to cook. Sometimes even the quickest meals seem to take forever to cook after a long, busy day. This would normally be the moment to grab that takeaway menu and get something delivered, but this is where your freezer meals come to your rescue!

With a bit of forward thinking, you can freeze your leftover meals to have later, or enjoy a frozen prepped meal for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.

5) Healthy Snacks

According to some studies, the lockdowns have increased our calorie intake by 10‐15%, and with many of us still working from home it is all too easy to pop to the kitchen for a little snack.

If you are not prepared with some healthy snacks, chances are you will find yourself demolishing a sugary treat or two every day. For healthier snacking, think about apple slices with peanut butter, a protein pudding, or a small bag of popcorn, to stave off those mid‐morning and late‐ afternoon cravings

Which ones of these are in your cupboard? Have we inspired you to boost your MuscleFood orders?