High Protein Banana Muffin Recipe

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These dairy free high protein banana muffins are the perfect pick me up

Great for meal prepping and low in calories, these diary free high protein banana muffins are soft and fluffy, not to mention moorish and tasty! Perfect for a post-workout snack or as a quick and easy breakfast, make them fresh or freeze them once made so you can grab, re-heat, and go.

Homemade muffins on a wooden board
Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi / Unsplash

Serving size

Makes 12

Nutritional value (per serving)

124 calories, 16g of carbs, 2g of fat, 10g protein


Plain flour 190g

Baking powder 2 teaspoons

2 eggs

Almond milk 320 ml

Vegan protein powder 100 g

Bananas 230g


1.      Mix all the dry ingredients together

2.      Add in the almond milk and eggs and stir together with the dry ingredients

3.      Place in a muffin tray (a silicon one is best but a standard metal one is fine)

4.      Cook at 180 in a fan oven/gas mark 4 for 15 minutes, leave to cool and enjoy!

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