How does music affect your workout?

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And it’s not just the average gym goer that benefits from this, elite athletes have been known to use music to block out the nerves of competition and psych themselves up in order to enter “the zone.”

Indeed, in depth studies into the psyche of athletes determined that they often associate specific pieces of music with the optimum state of mind for competition. Moreover, the impact of music is believed to be so potent that countless sporting organisations actively ban the use of it during an event so to prevent some athletes having an edge over others.

That’s not all.

It turns out that the neurones in the brain can even synchronise with the tempo of music helping you regulate and maintain pace!

Depending on the tempo, this synchronisation may help you perform repetitive motions, like running or working through sets in the squat rack, more quickly. It’s not surprising, therefore, that faster paced music elicits greater workout results.

All in all, you’ll have a better workout with music than without, and you’ll feel hella positive about the whole thing too as long as you choose uplifting beats.

Think more N.E.R.D “Rock Star” remix, less Adele “Hello”…



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