How To Be Healthy During Quarantine

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Struggling to find ways how to be healthy during quarantine? Follow our advice to help you stay on track.

Staying healthy during such a testing time can be tough, with our normal daily routines up in the air and our usual everyday patterns changed for the foreseeable future. But staying healthy, both mentally and physically , is important for our well being and our immune system. Read on to find out what steps you can take to help stay healthy during lockdown.

Eat a well balanced diet

Eating a well balanced diet is important to do now more than ever, to keep our immune system in good shape and get all that much needed nutrience.  A mix of healthy fats, animal and plant proteins, fresh fruit and veg, nuts and grains (and the occasional treat) are all part of a delicious healthy diet and could help you lose weight during quarantine.

Self isolation and lockdown may influence us to lead more sedentary lifestyles too, so it’s important to also stay in control of your portion sizes. Resist the urge to reach for a takeway and instead take advantage of this free time by making fresh meals from scratch, to save both money and calories!

Exercise outside and get a daily dose of vitamin D

Getting fresh air, especially when you don’t have access to a garden or green space, is important both for the body and mind, as walking or exercising outside can help us concentrate better and sleep better. Vitamin D (sunlight) gives us energy and helps to keep things like our bones, skin and teeth healthy, so it’s important to get out at least once a day.

Exercising at home can also be a great de-stresser and a boost for your body. Exercising isn't just limited to online classes, weight lifting and aerobics but can include cleaning, dancing, gardening and stretching. For your dose of vitamin D indoors, open your blinds or curtains in your home and let the light flood in to create a bright space to lift your mood.

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Limit your alcohol intake

As local pubs and bars across the country remain shut and boredom sets in, the temptation to increase our alcohol intake is ever more prevalent. As enjoyable as a cheeky tipple is, alcohol can dehydrate your body and leave you feeling tired and bloated. Switch to alcohol free cocktails or zero sugar and calorie soft drinks for a lighter alternative, or try slimline tonic with your tipple to cut back om calories.

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Regulate your sleep pattern

We underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep when it comes to our diet, but getting between 7-9 hours a night is the key to sustaining a healthy eating pattern, keeping you focused and helping you concentrate throughout the day. The same goes in reverse too, eating a healthy balanced diet that contains fresh fruit, veg, whole grains and foods rich in vitamin B such as fish, meat, eggs and diary can help regulate your sleep cycles, helping you feel energized and refreshed.

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