How To Clean Gym Equipment Properly

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Want to know how to stay on top of hygiene in the gym? Read on to find out how

It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-lockdown as it’s been 5 months since lockdown regulations were implemented in the UK, but as we settle into the “new normal” it’s important we stay on top of hygiene, especially in the gym, where we’re at our sweatiest.

Cleaning gym equipment before and after use not only helps protect you, but the people that use it after you too. So read on to find out how to stay hygienic at the gym.

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General cleaning rules

1. Make sure to utilize all sanitation stations in the gym, before, during and after you workout

2. When cleaning the equipment, make sure to use a folded paper towel or anti-bacterial wipe and spray the cleaning spray onto them, not directly onto the equipment, as any germs that are sitting on top of the equipment could then be pushed into the air

3. Use the cleaning products and towels provided by gym instead of your own sweat towel to limit the spread of germs

4. Bin all used cleaning towels after use and don’t leave any lying around on the equipment or the floor

How to clean cardio machines

With equipment such as the treadmill, cross trainer and step machine, although you mainly use your feet to power the machines it’s important to clean the touch points when wiping it down such as the grip handles and the sides.

When wiping the machine down, focus on any buttons you might have pressed and also the static and moving handles. When wiping over the front display, use lighter pressure on the display screen so not to damage it.

Remember to spray the cleaning fluid onto your cloth or paper towel and not directly onto the equipment, and clean on top and underneath as well as the sides and front facing panels.

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How to clean free weights

When cleaning dumbells it’s important to clean them all over, including any ridges and both ends. Clean the handle thoroughly, not just the part facing you and always make sure you return the weights to the rack you got them from.

When cleaning barbells, take care to clean not just the bar itself but any weighted plates you’ve used. When cleaning the bar, give the textured grip where you’ve placed your hands a thorough clean as germs can bury themselves deep into the grooves.

Kettlebells are slightly easier to clean as they are all in one piece, but when cleaning them make sure to focus on the grip handle where your hands have been, as well as wiping down the actual weight. Thoroughly clean any ridges, indents or raised lettering or logo’s with your wipe, and with all the weights make sure to return them to the rack where you got them from.

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