How To Deal With Anxiety Going Back To The Gym

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We share our tips on dealing with anxiety and getting back to the gym post lockdown

It’s fair to say the past 11 months have been difficult to say the least, with our mental and physical health taking a hit thanks to lockdown restrictions with the breakout of Covid-19. After months upon months of workout classes on Zoom, daily walks and home-made gym equipment, gyms will finally open their doors again this coming April, and boy how we’ve missed them!

With social distancing measures in place, sanitation stations and cleaning gym equipment before and after use now common practice as part of our workout routines, the gym has become a safe space for us to work out in without compromising our health or safety.

But after being away for so long, how do we deal with anxiety going back to the gym? Read on for tips on how to get back into a routine and what to expect.

Check the app

Modern technology has ensured anything is available to us at the touch of a button, including how busy our local gym is. By downloading the app, it allows you to see how many people are at your gym at that particular moment, what the busiest times are and if they are almost at capacity. Going at a quieter time will help to manage your anxiety, and booking a slot in advance helps to manage numbers, helping to keep everyone safe.

Start small

It’s important not to run before you can walk (no treadmill-based pun intended) when it comes to getting back into a workout routine. Build yourself up and start from the basics if it’s been a while since you’ve had a workout, and take it slow when it comes to lifting weights.

Make stretching a part of your routine both before and after a workout to avoid DOMS, a common occurrence after your first gym session after months away.

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Plan in advance

As the lockdown is lifted after months of no visitors, new rules may be put in place to help keep you safe. Your time at the gym may be restricted so you might want to plan your routine ahead to make the most of every minute. Split your slot into sections and spend 15-20 mins on each section, just like circuit training.

A lot has changed since your last visit, so familiarizing yourself with the new gym environment, rules and procedures that have been put in place could help to reduce your anxiety and put your mind at ease.

If you’re joining somewhere new, ask for a tour to take a look around to get used to how it looks. If you’re returning, ask members of staff or your PT any questions you might have or let them know about your feeling of anxiety, they can work through it with you and help you get to grips with things at your own pace.

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