How to exercise while staying at home with things around the house

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We show you how these household items can be used to add weight or resistance to your workouts!

With gyms being closed for the foreseeable future and with limited time to exercise outside, keeping fit during these uncertain times can seem tricky at first, but your home is filled with fitness equipment if you know where to look!

People may think you need fancy gym equipment to exercise at home and maintain muscle, but we’re here to show you that everyday household items and even furniture can help you have a fuss free workout whilst staying safe indoors. So swap those dumbells for soup cans and get lifting that mop!


Great for cardio, conditioning, stretching and dips, the humble set of stairs can be used in a multitude of ways, just switch it up when you get bored! See how many times you can run up and down the stairs in a minute to get your heart rate up, lie with your back facing the stairs and push yourself up with your arms to work on your triceps and biceps, and stretch those calf and thigh muscles by placing one leg high up on the stairs, one leg firmly on the ground and push forward with your hips.

A chair

Great for tricep and bicep dips, reverse lunges, leg raises and many more, the everyday chair can be used in a variety of ways to make the most of those muscles and stop them going to waste! With your back facing the chair, place your arms either side and lower yourself down for some dips, and place one leg behind you on the chair and squat down with your other leg to feel the burn in your thighs!

Soup/water bottles

Tins of soup and bottled water are a great alternative for dumbells and are easily accessible for everyone. Although not too strenuous, lifting these for a short amount of time each day can really make a difference over time and can help keep those biceps in shape and keep the tops of your arms in check. For those that are new to weight lifting, why not start off with these lighter objects first and build yourself up to heavier items such as books and tins of paint?

A broom/mop

You may not be able to bench press 200kg at home, but lifting a mop/brush with weighted items attached is the next best thing! Attach unopened tins of paint/heavy water bottles to the handle using strong string and you’ve got yourself a makeshift lifting bar. Spread the tins and water bottles out evenly to distribute the weight, or attach on either side so you can practice your squats and overhead lifts.

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