How To Have Better Mental Health At Home

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Follow our tips for good mental health and how to improve your mental well being whilst staying at home

With Covid-19 affecting everyone in the UK in one way or another, whether that be from loss of income or working from home, to juggling childcare with work, supporting friends and family with grocery shopping or, more importantly, being a key worker on the front line fighting a worldwide pandemic, our mental health has certainly taken a hit during these past few months.

Self isolation and social distancing have become part of our everyday vocabulary and every one of us has had to adjust and adapt to a new way of life. Parents have had to become teachers, some of the population have had to temporarily switch careers and for the unfortunate, no longer have careers or jobs due to the pandemic.

With all this stress on our shoulders, it’s important that we look after our mental well being during this time of uncertainty, as mental health is just as important as physical health.

How to look after your mental health during lockdown

We are social creatures by nature, so the lack of human contact we’ve experienced over the past few months is bound to have had a huge effect on our mood and general well being, especially those of us who live alone.

Feeling isolated away from friends and family and with cabin fever creeping up on you, it can make you feel like you’re going stir crazy, but there are some things you can do to help you get through “the new normal.”

Keep your mind motivated by making a daily to do list, a sense of accomplishment and purpose can do wonders for your mental health, also getting into a daily routine helps to keep you on track, focused and can stop you spending all day in your pj’s!

Make the most of the extra time spent at home by trying new things you’ve never done before, find a new walking route by exploring where you live or getting those odd jobs done around the house you’ve been putting off for months.

Stay connected

Staying connected with friends and family during lockdown can help you feel less alone in this uncertain time, and we all know how loneliness can have a negative impact on our mental well being. Having a support network around you, whether that be on Zoom or Skype calls, over the phone or via social media can really help to boost your mood and get you out of your own head, even if just for a short time.

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Get quality sleep

As we all know, getting a good night’s sleep (around 7-9 hours a night) has a whole host of benefits, one of them being a better mood. Not getting enough sleep can make us feel groggy, can make it hard to concentrate and can leave us feeling sluggish, which in turn can effect what we eat.

Technology also has a part to play when it comes to getting quality sleep. To feel more alert the next day, limit your screen time before bed and turn off any screens 1 hour-30 mins before you go to sleep.

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Whether you're exercising at home with online workouts or getting your daily dose of cardio outside, exercising releases endorphins (the happy hormone) that lifts your mood, reduces stress and anxiety and is an all round natural way to get a boost for your body.

Just 30 mins - 1 hour of gentle exercise a day can make a real difference to your mental health, and now is the perfect time to get exercising outdoors in the summer months with the sun shining.

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