How To Spring Clean Your Way Fit

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It’s only a very short time before we’ll all be parading our buff bodies in the summer sun.

But if, like us, you’re a little bit concerned – especially if your New Year’s resolution seems like a very distant and alcohol clouded memory – you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to burn those calories simply by doing a little spring clean.

Yes, Muscle Food fans, tackling the hoover can be just as good as hitting the running track with latest statistics showing that house-proud homeowners typically burn almost 4000 calories each year just by tidying and cleaning for summer.

That’s about the same as 30 large glasses of wine or 800 bacon sarnies…

From dusting to vacuuming, scrubbing floors to emptying cupboards you can work up a serious sweat without even leaving the comfort of your home, but which spring clean fave is best?

We put them to the test…

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows

By moving the sponge or cloth in a circular pattern you’ll not only target your biceps but your shoulders will get a good workout too.  Then, for a complete arm session, rinsing your windows with a squeegee up and down will activate your triceps – boom!

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 130 calories
  • That’s the same as: 22 minutes of cycling and 1/2 a chocolate bar.



This is where you can really get in the zone.  Put on your favourite music and crank up the volume because by digging in you’re going to burn through those calories like a fire burns through paper.

Be sure to tighten your core and fully extend your arm, pushing the vacuum fully away from your body with a controlled twist from your middle.  Once complete, retract your arm to starting position.

That’s 1 rep, which targets your core, calves and arms.  Remember to repeat on the other side.

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 180 calories
  • That’s the same as: 30 minutes of brisk walking and 1 pint of lager.

Scrubbing Floors

scrubbing floors

Plant your knees on the floor and place your hands on the scrubbing brush.  In a controlled movement, push the brush away from you whilst activating your core.  Using your core muscles, bring yourself back to your starting position.

That’s one rep.  This move is guaranteed to target your shoulders, core and abs – perfect for that beach body six-pack!

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 200 calories
  • That’s the same as: 45 minutes of dancing and 1 slice of pizza.

Emptying and Repacking Cupboards

Emptying and Repacking Cupboards

The repetitive motion of reaching, lifting, retracting THEN cleaning before reversing the process to put everything back in is a killer arm workout.

Not to mention lifting all the heavy gadgets and gizmos often placed in the bottom cupboards – time to get your squat on folks!

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 90 calories
  • That’s the same as: 25 minutes of Pilates and 1 cup of blueberries

Turning Mattresses and Making Beds

Turning Mattresses and Making Beds

You can really give your legs a great workout with this one.  In fact, it’s a brilliant all rounder and strength builder for your body.

Squat and push when turning the mattress, then use your biceps, shoulders and core to make the beds up.

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 70 calories
  • That’s the same as: 10 minutes of swimming and ½ a chocolate chip cookie.



If you’re really going all out this spring clean and have decided to redecorate, you’ll be glad to know that the simple motion of extending and retracting your arm is perfect for targeting your upper arms and chest.

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 210 calories
  • That’s the same as: 15 minutes of skipping and ½ cup granola.

Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the Lawn

Last but not least, mowing the lawn is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up and give yourself a great CV workout.  Simply push the mower up and down your garden in straight lines all the while keeping your core engaged – it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Total calories burned in 30 minutes: 190 calories
  • That’s the same as: 20 minutes of jogging and ¾ glazed doughnut.



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