Back to Routine: How To Stay Hygienic At The Gym

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We share some of our tips on how to keep germs at bay when you're working out

With hundreds of people coming in and out each day, touching and sweating over equipment and surfaces, it can be hard to keep on top of hygiene when you’re exercising at the gym.

With gyms re-opening on July 25th, we’ve put together a few tips on how to keep clean, stay healthy and protect yourself from germs if you do decide to make a visit.

Wipe it down (properly)

We’ve all been there. After we’ve finished on the equipment we’re using, we usually give it a quick wipe down with our sweat soaked towel and move on to the next machine! Of course, this just moves the bacteria around and does nothing to eliminate it all together. The best way to eradicate germs is to use anti-bacterial wipes or spray and a clean cloth or tissue. It’s also a good idea to clean equipment before you use it too.

Keep your hands clean

Carry around a bottle of anti-bacterial gel in your gym bag and apply before and after your workout. After touching gym equipment and various surfaces, it’s easy to spread germs with our hands, but an alcohol based gel of 60% or higher is the best way to eliminate bacteria. Just as importantly, washing your hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap will help to keep germs at bay.

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Wash Your Gym Bag

You bring your gym kit to work, change it into at the gym after work, then change back into your clothes after your shower, put your gym kit back in your bag and repeat. The germs from your dirty gym kit stay in your bag and will go onto your fresh gym clothes, which isn’t ideal. Make sure to wash your bag on a weekly/bi weekly basis depending on how often you go, and if possible, on a hot wash.

Keep your distance!

Unless you are training with someone else in your household, keep 2 meters apart from other gym goers. When you get onto the gym floor you will notice floor markings for individual training zones to ensure social distancing. The machines will be spread out to help keep distance between you and other gym goers.

While we can't completely avoid germs all together, keeping on top of hygiene by wiping down surfaces and keeping hands clean is the best way to prevent the spread, so bust out that anti-bac gel and get wiping!

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